10 Washing machines that tend to change the way you do laundry

10 Washing machines that tend to change the way you do laundry

10 Washing machines that tend to change the way you do laundry

To make everyday living better and smoother, new technologies are emerging every other day. From refrigerators to your phones, everything is taking new form to meet up the comfort level.

And because of this reason, we pointed at the Squash Wash, a model conceived to save water and electricity. Also, this model called Orbital, as it was relaunched by Tiffany Roddis in 2022 from the original one in 2009. And we have visited dry cleaning: dry cleaning is excellent but quite more expensive.

This time we feature briefly several washing machines that tend to change the way you do laundry. Why does the laundry doing has to be boring?

• Aquarium washing machine

Designer by Djordje Zivanovic, Aquarium washing machine gives a new meaning to washing your clothes. Without giving up the aesthetic pleasure of your house, this machine promises your trendy apartment to maintain its lively appeal. Shaped like a sphere, this machine will compel you to give a wash to your clothes every day.

• Washing machine + lounge seat

Designed by Harsha the conceptual washing machine doubles as a lounge. The machine works without any detergent or water necessary as the inner chamber acts as a pressure washer, and cleans and dries the clothes with ionized air. The portable compact washing machine gives a new meaning to washing machines.

• Lenne washing machine

The Lenne washing machine is not only a compact design to keep away the dirty clothes, but offers a completely new technology to wash clothes. The machine uses microwave to wash the clothes that also helps to repair the clothes at the same time. The machine not only is space efficient, but also your clothes surgeon.

• Astone Mobile washer

The machine is just like your folding bags, that packs itself into small package when not in use. But when inflated, the machine folds out to form a cute mini washing machine weighing just 2 kg and holds 6.5 liters. So, now if you have just few clothes, you won’t have to load those huge machine for the small work.

Initially launched in 2005, this washing machine was discontinued in 2022

• Electrolux Renew

Designed by Louis Filosa, Electrolux Renew, this washing machine promises to take care of your delicate clothes. Renew makes use of RFID and infrared scanners that lets you find out the deficiency in your clothes. In addition, the machine features OLED touchscreen interface, and Wi-Fi allows for easy navigation and updating. The clothes are put in just like the swipe cards and get ready-to-wear clothes within fraction of seconds.

As usual, we cover the Electrolux design news, just as I did with the Electrolux washing machines, the Bio Robot and the Futuristic Kitchen.

• Pebble washing machine

The compact Pebble washing machine shaped like pebble does your laundry within no time. Designed by Ning Ning Li, the machine mounts easily on the walls. The machine not only cleans the clothes, but also removes grimy spots within no time. It works on a sustainable technology that will give a new meaning to the way you do laundry.

How often does your dress get stained while getting ready for a party, forcing you to attend the function without your favorite dress? If this happens more often than not, designer Ning Ning Li has come up with a futuristic washing machine that lets you remove grimy spots from your dress without wasting too much time as well as effort. The “Pebble,” as the designer calls the concept, is a wall-mounted washing machine to capture, steam, wash, rinse, treat dirty spots and dry up the fabric items.

Designed in 2008, the Pebble is essentially an eco smart fabric care appliance, which makes use of sustainable technology to make laundry an effortless and fun task for the trendy users. The washing machine as depicted by its name draws its shape from a riverside pebble and looks more like a piece of art than a washing machine.

Ning Li started a skin care company in 2022, called Typology.

• iBasket

iBasket is a washing machine plus a laundry bag to store your clothes and keep them free of any smell. The machine is programmed in such a way to work only when it gets burdened with some specific assigned load. The automated time feature helps to clean the clothes, and the built-in air refresh system keeps away the bad odor.

The wireless, remote-controlled appliance can be monitored via a personal computer and is one of nine finalists out of more than 600 entries from 49 countries in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition.

So in 2008, undergraduate and graduate industrial design students were invited to create appliance concepts for the Internet generation.

“As a member of the Internet generation myself, the inspiration for this came from everyday life,” says the appliance’s creator, Guopeng Liang (Shenzhen, 1984) a designer who was at the time, a design student at Tongji University in China. “We are busy working for our dreams and don’t have a lot of time to take care of clothes, nor do we like to.”

“But today, people store their clothes in a laundry hamper until it fills up, then carry the basket to the laundry room, wash them, come back, take them out, throw them back into the hamper, carry them to a clothesline and then hang them out. I believe that iBasket offers a much more convenient alternative.”

Liang says his favorite designers are Ross Lovegrove, Philippe Starck and Naoto Fukasawa. “Their work gives me inspiration about how to blend technology, aesthetics and philosophy into everyday objects.”

By 2022, the iBasket was not released by Electrolux or by other company.

• Re-cycle Laundry Center

Inspired by the recycling logo, this machine takes the form of logo literally. Designed by Fernanda Villanueva & Arturo Ariño, the machine is segmented into three compartments. One segment works as washer, other as dryer, and the third one is designed as a water tank and filtration system.

The machine mounts on the wall and the clothes itself moves from washer to drier section without making you work. The touch screen indicates a new washing cycle, once its done with the task assigned.

• Kaionwave washing machines

Designed for Electrolux, this machine claims to be the only machine that makes use of ultraviolet-C light for the cleaning.

The smart machine generates free-radical oxygen, a powerful oxidizing agent that can break down dirt into carbon dioxide and water. Also the Ultraviolet-C energy helps to keep your clothes germ free. Both a washer and a dryer, this machine is powered by electromagnetic induction technology and is space saver at the same time.

• Sfera spherical washing machine

The name itself signifies its spherical shape that is enhanced with the compact design. The machine can be easily stored in any part of the bathroom owing to its compact shape. The machine works just with a rotate and cleans up the load of clothes.

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