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HomeQN, QN for “Quotation”, is a brand dedicated to real estate and home improvement that serves homeowners searching for home services and prospective buyers of residential real estate objects to serve as long-term family dwellings or for wholesale investment through a short term appreciation.

HomeQN is a blog for homeowners regarding real estate, home services, and home improvement.


Foundation Repair And Maintenance

Framing And Sistering Floor Joists

Water Heater Installations And Maintenance

Home Decor And Interior Design

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Home Decor

We are passionate about home design, decor, and creating amazing living spaces.

Home Services

We have detailed cost reports and guides that will help you to decide only for the most convenient contractors.

Home Improvement

Complex solutions can work great but are out of reach for most people. We focus instead on affordable, mostly do-it-yourself solutions

Real Estate

Complete guides about prices per square foot for all US sorted by state and zip code

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Foundation Repair Costs

Standing Water In Crawl Space