Futuristic ‘Heart of the Home’ kitchen is a table, cooking surface and a bar

So, say goodbye to all the pots and the pans that invade your homes and senses. I so love it. From Electrolux, the Heart of the Home Kitchen Concept is a vision for the future and the future is not that far. The Heart of the Home is an intelligent, amorphous and interchangeable cooking surface that adapts to the needs of the user.

When you use this kitchen, all you have to do is place the ingredients on the surface and you will not have to worry about the pans or the recipes. The appliance will analyze the ingredients and present a list of suitable recipes. When you have decided on the recipe to be used, you will mark the extent of the cooking area with the help of your hand.

Once you have decided the area, you can even determine the depth of the surface by simply pressing your hand against the malleable material. When you have achieved the area and the depth of the surface, all that is left is setting the time and the temperature with the touch of your finger.

As usual, we cover the Electrolux design news every year, just as I did with the Electrolux washing machines, the Bio Robot and the Futuristic Kitchen.

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