A washing machine that clean your clothes worthy of dry cleaner’s award

A washing machine that clean your clothes worthy of dry cleaner’s award

A washing machine that clean your clothes worthy of dry cleaner’s award

Doing laundry at weekdays is so much a soaring pain, especially if you have loads of shirts targeted in your closets that need cleaning.

And for this, we pointed at these surprising washing machines, by function and by design. Also, this model called Orbital, as it was relaunched by Tiffany Roddis in 2022 from the original one in 2009. But we have not gone a lot into dry cleaning: dry cleaning is excellent but quite more expensive.

However, if you have much of money to burn, dry cleaning is what you can think of, but for others it’s not a pretty much economical alternative unless you can save electricity with the Squash Wash model.

Therefore, designer Minsung Bae designed a washing machine that lets you clean your shirts within no time and no hefty spending. The machine fits just one suit and gives a clean, stain free shirt within fraction of seconds. It uses waterless technology and just with the combination of humidity, ionization, ozone and air pressure helps to remove stains and kill germs as well. Above all you can do the washing in your closet itself where you hang your shirts.

I actually enjoy doing laundry because the results always leave me in some warm, cuddly, lethargic relaxed state. Maybe it’s the combination of heat and dryer sheets; does it to me every time. But, if you told me I could leave it all behind and have clean clothes each time I opened my closet, I’d hand you my credit card.

This Washing Machine for the closet takes all the cakes kids. Designed for men (men are dirtier than women people), it uses a combination of humidity, ionization, ozone (O3) and air pressure to destroy bacteria and remove stains. All you do is hang up your shirts, turn it on and within minutes, the waterless system provides you with shirts worthy of a dry cleaner’s award. It may seem large and cumbersome but if you’re getting a clean shirt every day, doesn’t that mean you only need one, maybe two shirts instead of ten? Plus it’s free of chemicals meaning Earth is happy and your clothes last much longer.

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