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tub king

Many seniors have investigated the option of having a walk-in tub at home.

It makes bath time safe and comfortable for people who struggle with mobility and balance issues.

There is a big range available for potential walk-in tub buyers. Some companies offer a full service, with a custom-built tub and installation.

Others manufacture bathtubs that you can purchase and have installed by your local plumber. Some tubs have an array of hydrotherapy features, while others have a simple walk-in design with basic safety features for ease of bathing.

Many of these tubs cost upwards of $5,000, which can be prohibitive for seniors and the disabled.

Why Choose Tub King?

Tub King walk-in tubs don’t have the hefty price tag some manufacturers charge, but they still offer bathroom safety, convenience, and spa-like luxury.

Tub King was started by two brothers in Jacksonville, Fl, in 1993.  Initially, they specialized in refinishing antique and cast iron bathtubs. After their mom had a fall in her bathtub at home, they recognized the need for affordable, accessible walk-in tubs for seniors.

Since their beginnings, Tub King has won the Best of Jacksonville award from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce 4 times. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2010, and received an A+ rating in July 2015.

Tub King Walk-in Tubs Products

Tub King offers three main tub types with features to suit your individual needs. They have a deep soaker, a hydrotherapy model with air-jet features, and a dual-system walk-in tub with both air and whirlpool water jets.

Each tub type offers its own set of great benefits. A relaxing deep soak in a warm tub can help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and increase the range of motion. Air jets stimulate tissue rejuvenation and cleansing, while whirlpool massage jets provide a deep tissue massage.

Tub King’s two most popular tub models are the compact Seaspray 051, and the larger Seaspray 202. Each model can be customized as either a soaker, a hydrotherapy tub with air jets, or a dual-system tub with both air and water jet features.

All Tub King walk-in tubs have ADA-compliant faucets and seats, slip-resistant floors, safety grab bars, a leakproof door seal and lock, and handheld showerheads. The pre-plumbed tubs are made from marine-grade gel-coated fiberglass.

The Seaspray 051 is a smaller bathtub that is 28” wide by 48” long by 38” tall. It conveniently fits into most bathrooms.

The Seaspray 202 is a larger tub that suits a range of different body types. It measures a roomy 30” wide by 54″ long by 40″ tall.

Both tub models come in your choice of the soaker, hydrotherapy, or dual-system tub type. The soaker tub is the most reasonably priced model as it forgoes hydrotherapy features, but allows for a relaxing spa-like soak.

The hydrotherapy walk-in tub has 18 air jets and gives a gentle, therapeutic air bubble massage that can help relieve a range of symptoms. Air jets also have an advantage in that they help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

The dual tub has both air and water jets for a firmer massage sensation. You can target specific areas of the body with water jets for extra relief from chronic pain or stiffness. This is one of the features that make the dual system model one of Tub King’s top sellers.


One of the problems of bathing in a tub is that the water can cool down pretty rapidly. 20 minutes can be sufficiently long enough to make the bath less than comfortable! Tub King offers you the option of inline water heating. This is a system in which the bathwater circulates through heaters that keep it within 1 or 2 degrees. You can soak for as long as you like if you pick this optional feature.

Tub King Standard Features

  • 6″ Step-in Threshold
  • Extra Wide Door (18″ at top)
  • 17″ Molded Safety Seat
  • Slip-Resistant Floor
  • Watertight Door
  • Fiberglass Tub Body with Gel Coat Finish
  • Removable magnetic panels for easy tub cleaning and maintenance

Tub King Luxury Optional Features

  • Inline water heating
  • Brass faucets instead of standard chrome

Walk-in Tubs Price

Model Starting Price
Seaspray Soaker $ 2,395
Seaspray Hydrotherapy $ 2,695
Seaspray Dual $ 2,995

Tub King offers free shipping across the continental US. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii starts at $450 per item.

Tub King Warranty

Tub King walk-in tubs patented watertight door seal and locking system with a lifetime warranty.


The only real drawback of purchasing one of Tub King’s bathtubs is that they only have one showroom – in Jacksonville. Potential buyers can see the products in person at this venue, or opt for online purchase if they live a distance away.

The company also doesn’t offer an in-home assessment or installation service, but they can recommend licensed plumbing contractors in many areas to handle it for you.

Tub King walk-in tubs definitely stand above the crowd if you’re looking for affordable bathing solutions. They don’t have luxury aromatherapy or chromotherapy features like some of the pricier tubs on the market – but you get great massage benefits while paying less than half the price of some other manufacturers.

All in all, Tub King walk-in tubs are good value for money. They can give seniors and the disabled all the safety and therapeutic benefits of a specialized bath – without breaking the bank balance.

FREE Walk in Tub Price Query

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