shower envy reviews

shower envy reviews

Envy walk-in tubs are some of the most reasonably priced on the market, and offer buyers great deals. They have all the standard safety features, plus a variety of extra options. You can expect to pay a great price for a tub with all the luxury features, especially if you take advantage of Envy’s special offers and discounts. So if you’re looking for a bathtub on a budget, an Envy walk-in tub is definitely something to consider.

On the downside, there is a lot of conflicting information about these tubs – they have a few good reviews online, but their service levels have received harsh criticism from some buyers. One major bugbear is that because the Envy tubs are imported, it can take weeks to get new tub parts delivered to the US.

We’ve looked at some of their best-rated tubs below, to give you an overview of what you can expect from this supplier.

Envy Walk-In Tub Products

Envy tubs come in eighteen different models, so you can personalize whichever one fits your bathroom space. Tub options include standard features like a safety grab bar, mounted handheld shower, and easy-to-manage temperature controls.

The tub shells are made in a one-piece construction from heavy-duty acrylic and gel coat, and a stainless steel frame.

Each tub has a watertight door seal and a low entry threshold. Water and air massage jets and chromotherapy can be selected as add-ons.  The jetted tubs also come with an extra bidet jet in the seat, to help you stay fresh and clean while you relax during your daily soak.

The Ultra series is Envy’s most sought-after product line. The tubs all have 6 whirlpool jets and 21 air jets, right or left door orientation, lifetime warranty on the door seals, and a 10-year warranty on all other components and fixtures.

The Standard Ultra

This Envy walk-in tub is a standard-sized model for users with smaller bathrooms, who don’t need the extra width for bariatric or wheelchair access. The tub is 26” wide by 53″ long and 38” tall.

The Standard Ultra XL

This is a wider and longer walk-in tub, so users who want a more spacious bath can relax in extra comfort.  It is 30” wide, 60” long, and 38” tall.

The Ultra Royale

The Royale is the widest walk-in tub in Envy’s product line. Its dimensions are 36” wide by 60” long and 38” tall, so it’s the ideal option for bariatric users that have trouble using traditional bathtubs. The wide door swings outward so you can easily access the slip-resistant interior.

Envy Walk-in Tub Prices

The most basic Envy walk-in tub model starts at a very reasonable $1,999.99, for the small soaker tub.  Going up in price range, you can expect to pay $3,399.99 for a standard jetted walk-in tub without luxury features like chromotherapy or in-line heating.

Even with luxury features installed, Envy’s Tuesday savings offers can get you a tub with all the luxury features you want for as little as $3,899.

Base prices for our reviewed models:

Optional therapy and comfort features at a glance:

  • Hydrotherapy air and water massage systems
  • In-line water heater
  • Bidet jet in the seat
  • Ozonator to help eliminate bacteria
  • Chromotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Head and neck rest
  • Heated backrest

Envy Walk-in Tub Warranty and Service

Envy has a warranty of 10 years on their walk-in tub shells and fixtures, and a limited lifetime warranty on the door seal.

The warranty is standard for most walk-in tub manufacturers, but it’s their service levels that have caused some outcry in the market. As the products are imported, it can take weeks from the time of ordering for the bathtub to be installed in your home.

On top of this, the tubs are not UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified, so many plumbing or electrical companies will not undertake the installation of the bathtub due to liability factors.

Envy walk-in tub warranty policy also mentions that replacement parts for their products can take from 2 to 8 weeks to re-enter their stock. Therefore, any issues that arise can take a long time to resolve.

Finally, Envy charges a $25 handling fee on any parts it needs to import from its overseas suppliers. Compared to tub manufacturers who are US-based, this might seem like a steep and risky proposition.


Should you buy an Envy walk-in tub or not?

These tubs are affordably priced, and you can get a decent bath with fantastic features for about half the price that some other manufacturers charge. This is partly due to the fact that the Envy walk-in tub company is based in Arizona, but their products are imported from manufacturers in China and other overseas countries. If budget is the main factor in your purchasing decision, these bathtubs are worth looking at.

If you want top-of-the-range service and speedy responses to any issues or queries you have, then you should probably look elsewhere. The information available all points to Envy being unable to satisfy its customers quickly with any problems they might have.

As with many quality but low-cost items you can buy from an overseas market – have friends or family who can help you install and maintain the product without charging you an arm and leg! After all, you’re getting a luxury bathtub with all the features you want for a lower price, right?

You’ll probably be better off looking at a US-manufactured affordable product, like a Universal walk-in tub.  At least you’ll probably get a faster response if things go wrong. The Envy tubs are worth considering but might be too fraught with potential issues for most buyers.

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