FHA Window Screen Requirements

FHA Window Screen Requirements

FHA Window Screen Requirements

Regarding FHA window screen requirements, they are generally not required even when there is no central air conditioning.

HUD 4905.1 determines several minimum property requirements. It discusses attic and crawlspace venting, but no window venting.

Nevertheless, the lack of window screens should be mentioned within the appraisal report, as this report reflects the condition of the real estate object.

There are no current FHA window screen requirements. HUD 4905.1 minimum property requirements do not include them. They can be mentioned by the appraisal in the report and the underwriter has the final decision thereof.

So even though it is not an FHA requirement, the underwriter has the final decision and can request the installation of window screens in a discretionary decision.

However, it could be a requirement in places such as Louisiana, near the bayou, or locations where there are mosquitoes, such as the West Nile mosquito, but I do not have any evidence of this in the appraisal practice.

On the opposite side, appraisers might think that the window screens should be removed. It takes a long to be removed, especially those new construction window screens. What happens if there is a fire? Could you get out quickly?

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