Orkin vs Terminix

Orkin vs Terminix

Orkin vs Terminix

In the Orkin vs Terminix reviews for pest control services, they are slightly more favorable for Terminix 4 than for Orkin 3. Nevertheless, we should study each of their services separately as their results are not homogeneous across the spectrum and this can lead to errors in the final conclusions.

Apart from this Orkin vs Terminix comparison, we have analyzed separately which substance is Terminix using for pest control.

Each year, termites are responsible for millions in real estate damage, according to the Environmental Protection Agency1. Termite damage is often not covered by homeowner’s insurance, therefore preventing it as early as possible is critical.

More than $6 billion in damage is caused by termites yearly, as per the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) 2. That might be the reason why pest control is a seven billion dollar industry per year.

Our dwellings and companies are becoming less enjoyable environments to live and work in because of termites and rodents.

Orkin vs Terminix Reviews

In the Orkin vs Terminix reviews, 32 users rated Terminix with 4.2 out of 5 stars, while 43 rated Orkin with 4.4 stars. The results are retrieved twice per year.

The results do not offer enough margin to define which is the best pest control service in the comparison of Orkin vs Terminix and it is virtually a draw.

Therefore we have to analyze each service they offer individually to have a better overview, and that is what we are doing below.

Orkin vs. Terminix Overview

Terminix has been in the pest treatment business for almost a century and has the first-ever termite control patent. Accredited technicians and entomologists with PhDs are among the company’s pest experts, as well as representatives of the ACE. It is estimated that Terminix has 3 million residential and business clients, half a million more than Orkin.

The customer service at Terminix has good reviews. Terminix, in contrast to the leading rivals, has an online chat feature. Customers can ask questions and receive immediate responses from their agents immediately. We had numerous conversations with Terminix and found them to be helpful, kind, and non-pushy in their sales approach.

Over the last century, Orkin has been providing pest control services. A 183-hour intensive training program is required for the company’s pest control professionals, who provide services to more than 2 million residential and business clients. With Orkin, you can see every stage of the process, as well as individual goods and treatments, right on their website.

They have an extensive pest library, insect bite picture gallery, and many hyperlinks to corporate blog articles regarding individual pests are all available for clients to access online.

Below, you can find a table that compares Orkin and Terminix on key metrics:

Orkin vs Terminix ComparisonGo to WebsiteOverall RatingBest ForPromotionsBBB RatingTypes Of ServicesOrkin vs Terminix CostsStates Covered
TerminixVisit Terminix4.2 out of 5Best for service plansDiscounts start from $50 in their plans.A+Plans and also individual servicesPlans start from an average of $99 for a basic coverage45 states except for NT, VT, SD, AK, MT
OrkinVisit Orkin4.4 out of 5Best in case of urgenciesSame-day service if contacted before 1 PMA+Plans and also individual servicesPlans starting from $370 on average47 states except for SD, WY, AK
AptiveVisit AptiveNot RatedB+Plans and also individual servicesDiffers a lot state-wiseOnly on 25 states

Orkin vs. Terminix Plans

Orkin and Terminix offer individual plans for each type of pest control required. Because of the demand, they have specialized in bug removal, mice control, mosquitos, and pest control.

Orkin is more customizable and considers the type of pest, and the surrounding location into consideration before issuing a custom quotation to the homeowner.

Terminix instead starts with basic coverage of $99 and later there are specific prices according to the type of pest.

General Pest Control Plans In The Orkin vs Terminix Comparison

They have both general pest control plans that are recommended for households and companies that have not identified an individual pest issue.

They can be utilized to justify to insurance companies that the policyholder has a specific pest control maintenance plan in place.

House CricketsHouse Crickets
FleasPaper wasps

For these service providers, the pest control general plan begins with a preliminary appointment and an inspection and is followed up by additional planned appointments, either each two or every four months, based on the treatment plan and provider. Different variations of service plans are given in different states.

Ancillary And Additional Services

1) Lawn Treatments — Lawn care against pests, weeds, and grass treatment. There is a variant of this plan specific to Florida.

2) Moisture Control — Orkin DryCare® is a protection for the basement, crawl space, and even framing against moisture so to avoid mold and rotting. They also monitor the humidity levels during the validity of the plan. Encapsulation is not included in the plan, but if the crawl space is already encapsulated with a vapor barrier, this can be also included in the DryCare plan.

3) Attic Insulation — There are two insulation products in their portfolio (OrkinTherm® and OrkinComfortZone®) their goal is not soundproofing, but more “HVAC efficient” along with protection against pests.  
1) Gutter Protection — Terminix offers professionally built rain gutters, which are often a breeding habitat for insects, as well as downspout barriers that prevent clogs.

2) Termite Pretreatment: New Construction Termite Pretreatment, also the Complete Insulation Packages, and Moisture Control Services

3) Carpentry Services: Includes foundation repairs, siding repair and replacement, as well as a variety of additional services ranging from flooring to ceilings and drywall.

There is a slight advantage for Terminix in terms of additional services in this Orkin vs Terminix comparison. It looks like Terminix is slowly shifting towards home services.

Orkin and Terminix both provide more than pest control; however, Terminix provides a broader variety of home services compared to the competition, including moisture and attic maintenance. Terminix goes above and beyond with the repair, replacement, installation, and aiding with damaged structural aspects of the property caused by termites or other pests.

What Does Terminix Use for Pest Control?

Terminix uses for pest control a substance called sulfuryl fluoride.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, sulfuryl fluoride is commonly used to eliminate beetles, bedbugs, clothes moths, cockroaches, and rodents as well.

In regards to what chemical does Terminix uses for pest control, they utilize pyrethrins and pyrethroids, industry-standard pest control substances. Chemicals in this class include the active ingredient Permethrin.

These substances are made to mimic botanical insecticides, specifically varieties of chrysanthemum that are toxic to insects. They paralyze the offending pest before ultimately killing the insect.

Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids are effective against most household insects and mosquitos.

We have a more detailed analysis of the substances used by Terminix for pest control, right here.

Orkin vs Terminix Approaches In Termite Treatment

Termite extermination is a specialty of both Orkin and Terminix. Soil treatments with liquid and tent fumigation are all services that both companies provide. Terminix doesn’t make it clear what it uses for its “Bait Defend System” or “Liquid Defend System,” while Orkin utilizes Sentricon as its bait system as well as Termidor for its liquid treatment.

Dow AgroSciences has created a termite control product called Sentricon. The solution has undergone rigorous testing and is shown to be very efficient in the fight against termites. However, the bait system must be monitored and refilled on a regular basis in order to be successful. Despite its vast spectrum of insect-killing abilities, Termidor is a dangerous pesticide that should only be used by those who can handle its toxicity.

Spray foam insulation will also be applied by both Orkin and Terminix. When it comes to termite management, spray foam insulation may be used to fill holes in both interior and exterior walls, just as the foam used for concrete raising.

Termite Control Plans In The Comparison Orkin vs Terminix

In the Orkin vs Terminix comparison, termite control is a key point, considering that US homes have their framing mostly made with wood. Let´s see how they work.

Orkin And Their Termite Plans

“Points of Service” are the foundation upon which Orkin operates. Your woodwork will be thoroughly inspected, and bespoke termite prevention and treatment plan will be developed for your house.

It employs Termidor liquids and dry foam, Orkinfoam, and Sentricon baits, and monitoring to control termites.

Orkin’s Re-Treatment Program ensures that if termites return, they will be exterminated at no additional expense.

Terminix And Their Termite Plans

Terminix’s termite eradication procedure is divided into three parts. It begins with a comprehensive investigation of your home, looking for any possible entry points. Afterward, your service expert will devise a tailored treatment or protective program and undertake yearly assessments.

Terminix has its own methodology called OnGuard® Protection System.

Terminix also has a guarantee, the Nix & Fix Termite Guarantee™. The homeowner just pays for the plan and there is complete maintenance ensuring that termites will never appear.

Bed Bug Removal

Not so important as termite plans, the comparison of Orkin vs Terminix cannot be completed by analyzing their approaches against bed bugs.

Orkin Approach In Bed Bug Removal

Orkin’s bed bug program follows the same Points of Service strategy as its termite program, substituting woodwork for beds, furniture, carpets, and linens.

Orkin will return to the home for monitoring purposes to ensure that bed bugs do not reappear once your treatment has been completed.

Terminix Plans For Bed Bug Removal

Terminix begins with a thorough examination before eliminating observable bed bugs and eliminating the invisible ones, as well as any eggs, before they develop, utilizing a range of tactics, including vapor, encasements, surveillance systems, and its Rapid Freeze ® treatment.

Terminix declares that “….backed by the Terminix Bed Bug Guarantee, if you see evidence of bed bugs in your home within six months, Terminix will return and perform an inspection and additional treatments at no extra cost.

Mosquito Control By Orkin And Terminix

A mosquito may transport and spread severe illnesses to people and animals, including the West Nile and Zika infections.

Let´s see how mosquitos are handled in this Orkin vs Terminix comparison.

Terminix Mosquito Control

Terminix QuickGuard Mosquito Service treatment plan is a reliable alternative for instantly lowering mosquito populations on your property in addition to providing you with long-term protection using a microbial pesticide. This treatment employs a unique polymer coating that protects the active components in the treatment from rain and grass irrigation, allowing you to enjoy weeks of mosquitoes protection.  In order to keep your mosquitoes at bay, Terminix will come back to your property every month and apply a mosquito control product to your lawn.

Terminix maintains an Inspect, Eliminate, Protect, and Maintain program via monthly treatments of a specific treatment. This treatment comprises an insect growth inhibitor, as well as a crucial active component with a unique polymer covering that stops the active component from washing away as a result of weather conditions and grass irrigation, providing for many weeks of protection.

You should anticipate the cost of an initial mosquito treatment to be approximately $150, while recurring treatments cost roughly $60 a month. Please bear in mind that Terminix does not provide this treatment protocol nationwide, so you should take a look at the state where you live to discover if this treatment is available.

Orkin Mosquito Control Plan

Orkin offers both one-time and monthly treatment plans for mosquitos. A one-time visit for an average-sized lot will cost around $75 to $150. 

Orkin provides a more complete mosquito control strategy than other pest control suppliers. It involves numerous sorts of treatments that disturb mosquito life cycles. In addition, these treatments may comprise standard pesticides, insecticidal, and regulators of insect growth.

Unlike many companies, Orkin has a leasing possibility for their mosquito traps, but that is not a service that we have tested. 

Orkin protects against Zika, Chikungunya, and West Nile by applying numerous treatments to disrupt the mosquito life cycles once a month or a few times through constant administrations. So it can be a one-time application or part of a monthly plan.

Tick Control

Humans and other animals such as dogs and cats are preyed upon by parasitic insects known as ticks. This is a nuisance to be avoided at all costs, since they may spread deadly illnesses.

Tick Control With Orkin

Orkin provides its Points of Service approach, which involves assessing optimal tick hiding places such as long grass and densely vegetated zones prior to developing and implementing a tick treatment plan and regular follow-up visits.

Orkin helps to alter the tick’s ecosystem in your backyard by eliminating pest-friendly spots, which discourages ticks from congregating and reproducing there.

This strategy may involve exposing pest-friendly regions to sunlight, which reduces the amount of moisture accessible to bugs.

Additionally, your Orkin exterminator may propose eliminating any dense topsoil, dead logs, fuel heaps, rock piles, and dense vegetation where ticks congregate.

Chemical treatments may also be made in places with heavy tick traffic, such as creeping plants, ornamental plants in general, and the border between your lawn and the woods if this exists. This makes it more difficult for ticks to enter your yard and house.

If you have a tick issue inside, your assigned expert will likely prescribe diatomaceous earth, which is less toxic to any member of the family but still effective against a variety of pests, including ticks.

Extensive tick treatments from Orkin may cost $320 or more, although this can vary significantly depending on the size of your property and the unique scenario in regards to the presence of ticks.

Terminix Tick Control

The Tick Defend System is a four-step process that eliminates ticks throughout your yard. The process begins with a comprehensive examination, during which their specialists will determine the places where ticks are usually located within your lawn, such as grass,  hedges, transition zones, and flowerbeds.

They will then provide suggestions and develop a customized strategy to address your tick issue, followed by treatment, which is often a mix of gritty and fluid treatments that builds a strong barrier against ticks, so of them are liquids and some look like small granules.

Finally, Terminix offers monthly tick control treatments whose goals are the reduction the tick population in the garden, providing you with complete peace of mind. Typically, you should anticipate spending between $1730 and $325 for this treatment.

Terminix adheres to a procedure that they call Inspect, Prevent, Treat, and Maintain, which includes a monthly service. Terminix gives the advice to make your yard less attractive to ticks and administers liquid and granular treatments to eradicate existing ticks and establish a protective barrier after a complete examination.

Orkin vs Terminix Locations And Nationwide Availability

Whereas Orkin and Terminix both have extensive coverage in the US, there are some significant variances that will impact homeowners and businesses in some jurisdictions. Neither firm currently has a presence in Alaska or South Dakota. As a result, citizens in those regions will have to search for local providers.

Wyoming is the only other state where Orkin does not offer services.

Although Terminix has a site in Wyoming, it does not have any in North Dakota or Montana. Instead, inhabitants of North Dakota and Montana should think about Orkin.

Orkin and Terminix have availability in forty-seven states. Orkin is available nationwide except for Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Terminix instead, does not service North Dakota, South Dakota, or Alaska.

More than 400 locations.
Available in every state, except the following: Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming
More than 300 locations.
Available in every state, except the following: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont

Despite the fact that both pest control firms have a large nationwide presence, Orkin wins this category.

Orkin is not only offered in more states, but it also has more than 416 sites, compared to Terminix’s estimated 314.

Orkin vs. Terminix Cost

Annual inspections cost on average from $290 to $560 each year for both firms. Nonetheless, Orkin appears to be slightly more costly than Terminix.

These plans from $290 to $560 are intended for households in which there have not yet been any observations of an infestation of any kind.

The service includes yearly inspections as well as the associated cost of obtaining pest control services in the event that a problem is discovered during a subsequent inspection. Consider it to be similar to having pest insurance.

However, if you currently have a pest infestation, expect to spend $460 to $2,130 per year for a pest control treatment. There is a huge difference in the price range. It depends on the extent of the problem, how widespread it is.

Orkin’s basic pest treatment cost for a two-thousand sq. ft. property in Phoenix might be an average of $556. Terminix’s general pest treatment package for a comparable property in that location would vary from $495 to $805.

Some customers claim that Orkin’s treatment is more comprehensive than that of Terminix, which is often more costly. Keep in mind, however, that customer experiences differ from area to region within the US. due to the fact that franchisees are privately held businesses.

So our cost evaluation can be:

On the whole, customers seem to prefer Terminix over Orkin when it comes to internet reviews. Compared to Terminix, Orkin’s services are a tad more expensive. Both pest control firms provide a free first examination and back their services with a warranty. Both of these enterprises are franchises, which means that the quality of their products may differ from location to location.

How much you’ll end up paying depends on a wide range of factors, including the pest you’re dealing with and how much damage you’re dealing with; the size of your property; the location; and the nature of the bespoke treatment needed. Nevertheless, both companies require you to inspect your house in order to provide you with an exact price, customized to your own requirements.

El Paso (El Paso County)79936$248
Los Angeles (Los Angeles County)90011$188
Chicago (Cook County)60629$271
Frisco (Collin County)75034$231
Ridgewood (Queens County)19019$176
Pacoima, (Los Angeles County)91331$233
Norwalk (Los Angeles County)90650$272

Terminix Cost

Terminix has a broad range of pest control options. A client favorite is its Ultimate Protection Bundle, which gives coverage for general pests and termites, as well as a 10% discount for the package. Infestation intensity and the dimensions of the home will determine the cost of treatment. Termite treatments might cost anywhere from $2,345 to $5,280 or more, depending on the circumstances and many factors. It is not possible to be more precise on the definition of a range.

Terminix’s standard pest control plan protects against common infestations such as cockroaches, termites, and insects in general, which would cost between $480 and $750 for a house with around two thousand sq ft. Nevertheless, as per the values we have retrieved, the costs vary wildly according to the area wherein the treatment must be performed.

Orkin Cost

We continue the Orkin vs Terminix comparison with the analysis of Orkin cost.

Orkin, like Terminix, provides a comprehensive pest control plan that protects against a variety of typical home pests, including spiders, termites, roaches, and rodents. Its seasonal outdoor pest management services may assist you in preventing pest infestations during peak pest season, hence reducing the likelihood of you encountering a future pest issue.

Orkin’s standard pest control plans cost somewhere around $520 and $805 per year, making them somewhat more costly on average than Terminix.

Treatments for bed bugs often cost between $400 to several thousand dollars, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of your house.

On the other side, termites may be far more expensive, particularly if fumigation is required, as this additional activity can cost a couple of thousands in relation to the size of the property and the state.

Nevertheless,  a typical treatment on existing termites would be in the range of $1,500 to $ 2,300 on average. These figures will vary according to the bespoke estimate provided by your Orkin specialist, however, they can be helpful in a sense of what to anticipate financially.

The price of any pest control program varies greatly depending on location, construction techniques, the presence of wood, and moreover, the size of the property, among other considerations. Nevertheless, for a normal household client seeking preventive pest treatment, yearly plans are in the $295 to $605 range. For home clients currently struggling with an infestation, charges are much larger and may reach north of $1,950.

Due to the wide variation in price depending on the size of the real estate object, the location, and the amount of pest infestation, it is not feasible to compare the two firms on cost.

Customers, on the other hand, often claim that Orkin is significantly more costly than Terminix, but we have not been able to demonstrate empirically that statement in our cost comparison.

Orkin vs Terminix Customer Service

Not many differences in this aspect for the Orkin vs Terminix comparison. Service agreements guarantee that the firm will come to your property and examine it for pest infestation control during the months of the service agreement.

These two firms will treat termites in a similar manner, which includes an initial examination, the development and execution of a personalized strategy, and continuous monitoring. If new termite activity is discovered throughout the monitoring procedure, both providers will treat the residence and resolve the issue at no extra expense during the lifecycle of the existing service agreement.

Service Warranty Comparison Between Orkin And Terminix

Furthermore, in the Orkin vs Terminix discussions, both provide service guarantees. The Orkin 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and the Nix Pest Guarantee™ assure that a specialist will revisit your house at no additional cost if pests reappear between planned sessions. Orkin will reimburse your last payment, but only if you continue as a client.

For residential users, both firms provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee of their services. For business clients, instead, they extend the length of the guarantee as follows: 

Orkin provides three separate sixty-day warranties. They give gratis servicing by them or by another supplier if the business client is not content with their services.

Terminix invites business clients to trial Terminix Commercial for three months, after which they will reimburse all purchased services plus a further ten percent to unhappy consumers.

Terminix provides a lot of incentives for business clients who manage numerous branches with terms that Orkin could not equalize. 

First, Terminix appoints a specialized account representative that recognizes the demands of the customer’s firm as a whole. Then, this person will collaborate with the customer to establish tailored plans for each location of the firm, instead of a generic treatment plan for all. Additionally, Terminix offers an online interface for business clients to examine the information and manage the status of their numerous locations from a single dashboard.

Nevertheless, termite treatment needs a separate contract, since they are not often included by conventional pest control services.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Orkin GuaranteeTerminix Ultimate Protection® Guarantee
1) Provides additional treatment at no charge if pests return.
2) Refunds last service payment if the problem is not solved.
1) Same-day solution — attempts to resolve complaints within 24 hours
2) Re-treats home at no extra charge if pests return
Refunds services within 30 days of treatment

Terminix wins in this category if you are a business client, and even more if your business has several branches as they offer you a bespoke service for each location.

Orkin, however, has the refund option for private customers that is very convenient, provided that they keep being customers of the company.

Orkin and Terminix Customer Reviews

The Orkin vs Terminix discussion continues with the customer reviews, and both have mixed reviews based on the different branches.

As they have several locations, these reviews address the service level received in those locations and not these companies in their entirety. Orkin’s ratings have an average of B while Terminix holds a C+ rating.

Christopher W. said:

Shreveport Louisiana Office Inspector Damien M******* came out at my request to perform a termite inspection in March 2022. Mr. M******* was very professional. He completed a thorough inspection of my home. After the inspection, Damien presented me with a diagram of my home and termite prevention options. I elected to go with the baiting system. On the day of installation, I met with Damien and Josh. Josh performed the baiting system and was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Kudos to the Orkin Shreveport office!! The Termite Team is jam up and jelly tight!!!

Elmer H. said:

I had them come out to do an initial rat termination service for me, and before they performed the service they had me sign a contract for a one-year service agreement without providing me with detailed information about the one-year plan for all 2022 and 2023. They told me my initial service would entail at least four follow-ups without a charge. However, when I later cancelled my year service contract within the 72-hour ( Washington State law gives a consumer the right to cancel a contract within 72 hours) period allowed by law; I received a call from Orkin inquiring why I canceled, and I told them why. I was informed by Orkin that I would still receive 2 free follow-up visits as part of Orkin initial service. Orkin then scheduled an appointment for me and did not keep the appointment at the appointed time. I called them the next day to find out and they told me since I cancelled my service I was getting my promised free follow-up as promised.

And these are some Terminix reviews as well.

Lisa F. said:

Terminix is a company you can depend on for quality service, professional employees, and great products that really work to kill pests around your home. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs pest control. Our technician, Ronald***** R****, has been amazing! Very courteous, informative, always explains what is being done. I was concerned about having treatment with our animals, but he assured me that it is not going to hurt them. I have never been told that with any other company and it actually is true. We had an ant issue that was not on our scheduled service month and Ronald **** R**** came out as soon as possible. He was not only able to get rid of the ants but keep them away. I will always use Terminix because of the kindness and respect I receive from my technician. The service is affordable and it works!

Eric B. said:

Terminix customer service is nonexistent. I had an appointment for [a] termite inspection on 3/16/2022, and when nobody showed up, I called the service center and was rescheduled for 3/17/2022 between 8 and 10 am. Again, nobody showed up so I called again and asked for a supervisor and was told there were no supervisors at that location, they would take my information, and I will get a call in the next 48 hours. (Really) I guess that Terminix thinks it’s no problem for people to miss work two days in a row just waiting to see if they may show up if they feel like coming. They can’t even make a phone call to let the customer know they will not be coming. With no supervisor at the call center, I guess that they just don’t care about customer service.

Orkin vs Terminix In Industry Certifications

Orkin and Terminix have both earned various certifications from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), a not-for-profit trade association that supports the pest control industry’s interests.

They both have the QualityPro certification and the more recent GreenPro.

QualityPro Certification — To earn a QualityPro certification, businesses must complete a 17-point competence checklist covering everything from routine narcotic and background checks to industry-specific requirements such as adequate pesticide transportation and disposal, as well as service agreements that adhere to industry standards.

GreenPro Service Certification — GreenPro-certified businesses place a premium on not just pest avoidance, but also on protecting people, non-targeted animals, and the environment.

To get the GreenPro certification, pest control firms must adhere to stringent safety and professionalism criteria without losing the efficacy of their pest management products.

In the Orkin vs Terminix comparison for industry certifications, both have all the certifications from their trade association and that seems enough for the analysis.

Orkin vs. Terminix Verdict

Terminix consistently receives higher reviews, services a larger number of consumers, and includes an online chat. Orkin, on the other hand, has greater expertise and a better reputation with the Better Business Bureau than Terminix. Orkin and Terminix both provide complete pest control services, have over a century of combined expertise and provide satisfaction guarantees.

In comparison to other pest treatment companies, Orkin distinguishes out because of its online library of common household pests. In comparison to other pest treatment firms, Orkin possesses a larger quantity of materials available to educate interested clients about common pests. When it comes to real service variations, Terminix and Orkin both give a relatively comparable list of pests in their typical contracts. Both firms need separate contracts and/or extra payments for the treatment of more exotic pests such as some dangerous insects.

 Both firms bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to termite management, and their home service offerings are very comparable. However, for homeowners worried about the chemicals utilized in pest control treatments, Orkin is significantly more honest, publishing the specific compounds used on its website. Terminix would not divulge the pesticides it uses at all.

Terminix provides a variety of handy services for business clients that enable business owners and facility managers to handle numerous locations, facilities, or buildings. Terminix may be the superior choice if you want pest control treatments through a number of locations and understand that each location might have its own pest control requirements. 

Location is critical when deciding on Orkin vs Terminix. If you live in a big urban region, negotiating with either business should be straightforward. Whether you reside in a rural location or a smaller city, check to see if the firm has a local franchise in your area.

Orkin’s locations may be found here, whereas Terminix’s can be found here.

As previously indicated, neither corporation has an office in Alaska or South Dakota. Wyoming residents should contact Terminix since Orkin does not have any offices in the state. Residents of North Dakota and Montana should contact Orkin, as Terminix does not presently cover those areas.

As you can see, each firm provides complete solutions, with about a hundred years of expertise, and money-back guarantees on satisfaction. Their fundamental pest management strategies seem to be comparable.

In terms of distinctions, we notice that Terminix is more affordable, has much more steady reviews, services a larger client base, and has a really efficient online chat option. On the other side, Orkin has a larger customer resource pool.

Terminix vs Orkin Comparison

Our Overall Score out of 10098.594
SuperlativeBest Customer ServiceMost Customer Resources
States Available4747
Annual Cost for General Pest Control$550–$700$575
BBB Rating*C+A+
Online chatYesNo
Phone number866-569-4035877-868-1416

Company Overview & Values

Orkin and Terminix are two of the industry’s most well-known pest control firms. Otto Orkin created Orkin in 1901 in Pennsylvania. Orkin remained a family-owned firm for decades until being bought in 1964 by Rollins Inc. Orkin has a long history of actively participating in research initiatives with public institutions and the CDC to better understand insect behavior and biology. Orkin also funds several projects geared at teaching young people about the natural environment.

Orkin has a customized program that requires its pest control professionals to complete 160 hours of focused training and testing prior to being permitted to work in the field. Orkin now has over 400 sites worldwide, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to reassure consumers that they are protected in the event that pests return to their property.

Terminix, like Orkin, has a long history stretching all the way back to the 1920s. Terminix, formerly the Bruce-Terminix Research Laboratory, is now a ServiceMaster subsidiary. Terminix has written scientific studies, gained pest control patents, and created termite control products for the government during the course of its 90+ year history. Terminix was the first pest treatment firm to the franchise, as well as the first to provide termite protection guarantees in its contracts with clients. Today, Terminix’s 3900-strong staff services over 3 million residential and business clients across the United States and internationally.

Its headquarters are now located in Memphis, Tennessee, and it has over 10,000 member teams located across the United States and worldwide. Terminix pest experts include PhD-level entomologists, giving the company a competitive advantage. Additionally, its technician training is regarded as some of the finest in the world. Unlike the competition, Terminix also provides online chat capabilities, allowing clients to readily connect with 24/7 help for their pest control requirements.

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