Best Colors For Your Walls

Best Colors For Your Walls

Best Colors For Your Walls

There is life beyond the color white (although sometimes it is the best option). If you want to add character to your home, go for more original tones such as navy blue, burgundy or pink.

Off White

If you want to get away from nuclear targets and go for something less glowing, off-target is ideal.

Bluish Gray

It is a soft, relaxing and sophisticated color, ideal for all types of rooms.

Mint Gray

One of the colors that we like the most for the living room. This soft gray with mint green undertones is perfect for those looking for something subtle yet different

Orange Rose

Earth tones are a good option, this orange pink reminds us of the reddish color of clay. In the bathroom, as we see in the image, it looks great.

Light Grey

This color, between light gray and taupe, seems to us the most suitable for the bedroom. It is smooth but very sophisticated.

Navy Blue

Do not be afraid of dark colors, navy blue can look great in the living room.


Bold, elegant and only suitable for the brave, this beautiful color can be ideal in the living room.


When we are not deciding what color to paint, white is always a good option.

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