That’s Entertainment: A trendy ‘Diva’ by Rotaliana

That’s Entertainment: A trendy ‘Diva’ by Rotaliana

That’s Entertainment: A trendy ‘Diva’ by Rotaliana

Again we are turning to take a peek on Italian design as I did with the GSG ceramics design. But here it is something different.

Diva designed by Dante and Giovanni Lauda for Rotaliana is a LED light and music system, all rolled in to one. When you press a button on the unit, it opens an aluminum lamp arm that can be adjusted to any position, comfortable enough for you to read. The light is warm, effective and energy efficient. Screen printed aluminum jacket reveals the hidden musical mechanism. When closed it still remains a FM radio and a speaker system for any connected gadget that is good enough to play music. The sound is of a good quality due to four speakers that this magical device hides inside itself.

The price including shipping is about $440 and can complement the “Turn Me On” switch plate from Chris Haines.

Speakerset and Lamp, Diva is a LED light and music system specifically designed for your iPod or iPhone. It combines multiple functions in one light, compact object, eliminating clutter and stealing the scene no matter where you place it.

  • The anodised, screen printed aluminium jacket makes Diva a mysterious musical instrument, only revealing its many functions when open.
  • But even when closed, it’s an FM radio and speaker system for a connected computer, MP3 or even a CD player, if you keep one of those yet!
  • Insert your or iPhone by releasing the retractable docking station drawer.
  • The sound quality is full and rich, thanks to the four, high quality speakers housed in its body. Pressing a button opens the die-cast aluminium lamp arm.
  • Raise this to whatever position is most comfortable to read or to light your workstation.
  • The lamp’s cutting edge LED light is warm, highly effective and energy efficient at 4,5W.
  • A digital screen is hidden behind the anodised aluminium, to show the time and all the other information about Diva’s various uses and FM stations.
  • An infrared remote control governs every function, including your iPad and the radio.
  • The back of Diva comes with a AUX socket for playing music from MP3 players, CD players, computers, etc.; a USB socket to play music from a flash drive; an audio-out socket to connect to external speakers.
  • The Diva is suited for use all over the world. The transformer is for 110 ~250 V . Also it comes with different adaptors to be able to plug it in the wall socket.

Having a docking station for your iPhone or iPod, you can dock them all in the retractable docking station drawer. All the information about diva’s various uses is displayed on the screen which is behind the aluminum jacket. Diva is controlled with the help of an infrared remote control. The back part of Diva is specifically provided with an AUX socket to play music from MP3 players, CD players, computers, a USB socket to connect and play music from a flash drive and an audio-out socket to help connect to external speakers.

Diva was discontinued by Rotaliana in 2022.

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