Haute Decor: Bathroom ideas from GSG instigate a vibrant spectrum

Haute Decor: Bathroom ideas from GSG instigate a vibrant spectrum

Bathroom ideas from GSG instigate a vibrant spectrum

This is not the first time that we admire Italian design as recently with Rotaliana.

To adorn your bathroom with the function and trend, GSG has come up with the Touch ceramic line, that I think was first launched many years ago in 2008.

The Touch line from this company is completely renovated since 2022. It seems that they have abandoned Bourdeaux tones and brought some pastels like Sky, Sky Matt and Acqua. If you still want something stronger, than Oliva and Cemento would be fine.

These faucets and fixtures that will make your bath space bubbly. Inspired by the versatility and gentleness of the water, the modern Italian company has designed the fixture that gives a novel manifestation to your bathroom. The gracefully designed bath fixture with the dazzling color gives your bathroom an aesthetic appeal. Here, is an orange faucet in a white spa-like space that adds a vibrant spectrum to your bath decor. The other collection includes a spectacular black bathroom with the funky fixtures. The combination of black and white faucets, designed especially for small space gives dazzling spark to your bathroom. What are you waiting for? Adorn your bathroom with the funky look and make these fixtures part of your bathroom.

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Are they art? Are the fixtures? They’re both, but one thing is certain – they’re so cool! These funky faucets by GSG bring a splash of vibrant color into the bath while delivering function and fashion by the boatful. Inspiring your own colorful bathroom ideas, modern Italian company GSG created the Touch ceramic faucets and fixtures with water in mind – not only its delivery, but inspired by its softness, versatility and undefined form. The result is something totally new and unique, sure to inspire a serene, stylish dream bathroom of your own. Imagine a minimalist, white spa-like space with these exciting orange faucets grabbing your attention. Or picture a dramatic, all-black bathroom with these hot fixtures! Also available in black and white for the true minimalist, these amazing funky faucets and fixtures are sure to inspire a full spectrum of your own colorful bathroom design ideas!

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