Ransa Sofa levitates to accommodate the bookcase

It’s a complete package for the bibliophiles. Designed by Younes Duret, Ransa is a seating unit levitating in the air, though not literally. The sofa gives the illusion of levitation, but the secret lies in the bookcase hidden underneath that supports the furniture. You can simply stretch down on the couch and pull out one of your favorite books without making much effort. Apart from being functional, the sofa also grabs attention because of its great looks. The wooden finish adds to its grace and makes it an elegant and efficient unit for your living space.

It consists of a beautiful couch that seems to levitate over a miniature bookcase. The uncommon design is very practical, as it makes it possible for a reader to easily access a wide range of his or her favorite books while not even having to stand up. But functionality is not this sofa’s only feature.

With a stylish wooden finish, Ramsa is also of great aesthetic effect and it can be integrated in a modern living room, leading to incredible visual results. We tried really hard and in the end we managed to find a small downside to this otherwise fascinating furniture piece: the fact that the books always have to be in order. But this could also be looked at as an advantage. After all, there are plenty of passionate readers who have a tendency to ignore tidiness and this design is their chance to become organized.

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