Mobile tree house makes for a quirky dwelling

Mobile tree house makes for a quirky dwelling

Alan Jennison from Hobart tourism is selling his log home on the internet auction site Ebay. Measuring 13m-long, 4.5m-wide, this log house can be used for number of purposes like exhibitions or a store. This log home will make for a quirky home and a perfect art studio too, so that you can create in an innovative environment. Living in this tree house does not mean that you are going to have a primitive lifestyle. This log home has display cabinets, power points, elaborate light fittings.

By Dwelling in this home, you will feel like a squirrel (the ones you see in chip and dale cartoons). I can already imagine, it’s a snowy evening and you are coming out of the wooden door… Ok, enough of my fantasies. I must give you the relevant information first. This log sits on a semi trailer bed, so it is mobile too and wears the price tag of AU$ 15,000.

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