Flip the wooden panels to get Light in Form

Flip the wooden panels to get Light in Form

Probably you thought that in HomeQN we are interested in wood only to get bored sistering floor joists and predrilling dimensional lumbers, Of course not! That is for the Framing authors. Let´s see how we can really have fun with wood!

Blending Japanese skill to meet the modern art, designers Francesca Rogers and Daniele Gualeni Design Studio has come up to create beautiful light fixture.

Hailed as “Light Form”, the light lets you enjoy the desired pattern by simply flipping the wooden panels. The wooden panel when flipped gives the energy-efficient electroluminescent lights. So each time you flip the panels, warm ambiance of the light leaves your décor with a new pattern.

These modular lights are easy to place on any wall, and each module comprise electroluminescent light, or simply a white surface to augment the rest of light with reflection. The idea looks pretty cool, just like you are solving some puzzle to light up the vicinity.

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BY M. Kogan

Hello, I am Marcio. I am an architect and designer, alma mater is Mackenzie. Retired in theory, but an architect never retires completely. Along with architectural projects, I am a filmmaker and have completed some short documentaries. Filmmaking and design are my passions. In HomeQN I write about home decoration and foundations. The goal is to teach homeowners to DYI as much as possible, and when this is not possible, enable them through knowledge, to evaluate service quotations and choose the best service technicians.

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