PDC Spas Reviews

PDC Spas Reviews

PDC Spas Reviews

Wondering if PDC Spas are the right brand to fit your needs and preferences?

Finding a spa to fit your personal needs can be difficult.

There are so many things to consider, including price, size, features, warranty, and more. PDC spas are excellent in that they utilize high-quality components while keeping costs low and provide energy efficiency for inexpensive daily use. 

PDC Spas provide consumers with a wide variety of both affordable and premium hot tub models and swim spas. No matter what you are looking for in a hot tub, we’re sure you’ll meet your match with PDC.

To make sure of that, let’s dive in a bit deeper and check out everything this top-notch spa brand has to offer.

Our top picks for pDC spas

Our Top PickPDC Spas Luxury SeriesBest for luxury buyersFive hot tub models to choose fromBest Feature: EverPure Ozone CleaningView Best Price →
PDC Spas Premium SeriesBest for mid-range buyersSix hot tub models to choose fromBest Feature: TemperLok InsulationView Best Price →
PDC Spas LIfestyle SeriesBest for budget buyersFive hot tub models to choose fromBest Feature: Reflections JetsView Best Price →

PDC Spa Prices

As of now, you will not be able to find any upfront MSRP PDC Spas prices through the PDC website. 

While you can’t find prices for their hot tubs or swim spas online, many people have noted how quickly their customer service reps respond when asking for product quotes, so that is a huge plus. 

It is known that they provide a wide range of swim spas as well, meaning you can expect to find both affordable and high-end tubs depending on what it is you want. 

To get specific hot tub pricing information, click on the button below. In doing so, you’ll receive multiple quotes from local dealers based on exactly what you’re looking for!

The Luxury Series says it all in the name. Here you will find five hot tub models, including the Bali, Biscayne, Fiji, Malibu, and Reno, which range from five to seven people in terms of capacity.

These tubs are an excellent choice for anyone seeking out the ultimate hot tub experience. Each tub is packed to the brim with high-performance features. 

Every hot tub in the lineup features body cradling designs for added comfort, along with EverPure ozone cleaning, Air’assage air therapy, HALO LED lighting, and cascading water spouts to add a little show to your soak experience.

Plus, all tubs are backed with PDCs 35-year warranty, which is pretty impressive. 

Plus, all tubs are backed with PDCs 35-year warranty, which is pretty impressive.

Though there are many great hot tubs in this lineup, we believe the most impressive tub in the lineup is the Luxury Bali. You’ll find spacious seating for up to seven adults, as well as 143 jets that have been strategically placed to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. The Bali allows users to soak in and stretch out with the large captain’s chair and unwind their senses with the optional SoundStream audio system. 

Whether you are looking to hang out with family or friends or escape into a romantic evening with your partner, the Luxury Series is a wonderful choice.

#2 PDC Spas Premium Series

Taking it a small step down, we have the Premium Series.

The Premium Series is a great choice for mid-range buyers who want a hot tub that is feature-rich, though don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

The hot tub designs that you’ll find in the Premium Series are incredibly comfortable. There are six designs in all, including Barbados, Carmel, Catalina, Danali, Freeport, and Monterey.

These tubs range from three to seven people in terms of capacity.

Each of these hot tubs comes with TemperLok insulation for energy efficiency, PowerFlo filtration, and Prism Lighting. 

Plus, all of the hot tubs in this lineup are backed by PDCs 25-year warranty, which is great news for those seeking out longevity.

One of our favorite hot tubs in the lineup is the Premium Barbados. With an incredibly spacious design that spans 7’10” on each side, the Barbados factory model provides more than enough room for the whole family to hang out. There are 62 strategically-placed jets for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, as well as a handy in.k500 digital controller to customize your spa experience.

The Carmel is worth noting too. This three-seater PDC model is incredibly compact, perfect for those with limited square footage. The seating arrangement features a reversible lounge and two contoured chairs so that users can decide on their spa experience depending on the day they are having.

With the Premium Series, you also have the option of adding an audio system to your chosen model.

Lastly, we have the Lifestyle Series. The Lifestyle Series features five models that are feature-rich, yet affordable enough for budget buyers who still want to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy hot tubs.

The Lifestyle Series is backed by a ten-year warranty and each of these spas comes with TemperLok Insulation, shiny stainless Reflections jets, and Pristine filtration.

There are five hot tubs to choose from, which range from three to seven seats in terms of capacity.

While the jet numbers might seem inadequate compared to the Luxury Range, as the highest jet count in the Lifestyle Series only goes up to 59, these jets are incredibly powerful.

You won’t miss out on a serious hydrotherapy experience just because you’re lacking a super high jet count.

One of our favorite hot tubs in the Lifestyle Series lineup is the small yet might Lifestyle Mirage. Those who have confined space will love this little 7’ x 5’ tub. You can stick it under a gazebo or on a patio and still have space to move around. Plus, you’ll love the full lounger and two contoured seats, perfect for more intimate nights.

Of course, if you want to go a bit bigger while saving some dough, you can go with the Lifestyle Mystic too. Compared to other hot tubs on this list, the Mystic has more of a traditional vibe with its square design, though has enough room for up to six soakers. You’ll find 53 stainless steel jets with targeted relief. If you need a budget-friendly massage experience, look no further.

If a normal spa isn’t your thing and you are looking to add an element of fitness to your daily soak routine, you might want to look into the PDC swim spa line.

As of now, PDC has 19 factory models to choose from, making it the largest swim spa manufacturer around next to the Hydropool brand.

The swim spas are divided up into four series, including the Summit Series, Vitality Series, Synergy Series, and TruSwim Series.

Each swim spa model is unique in terms of design, as they use different propulsion systems, LED lighting, seating options, and more.

To find the best swim spa model your needs, you’ll want to explore every PDC swim spa model in-depth on the PDC website.

Final Verdict – Should I Get a Spa from PDC Spas?

PDC Spas is among the best spa manufacturers out on the market today. They have a solid selection of models without their lineup feeling too overwhelming. Plus, there are plenty of great options for customization. 

We all know that buying a hot tub can be a major investment. Something that we really appreciate is the fact that PDC makes energy efficiency a priority. This will lower your costs in the long run as much as possible. We also recommend that you take a look at their swim spa line, as it might change your entire outlook on what are looking for in a hydrotherapy tub.

Whether you’re looking to buy one of the traditional PDC spas or one of the high-end PDC swim spas, we’re sure that you’ll find exactly what it is that you are looking for!

Make sure to complete our free questionnaire below to get several spa quotes based on your personal preferences! Instead of spending hours on the phone with different dealers, the lowest prices will be brought to you – all within one simple request!

PDC Spas Price List

In the past, PDC Spas offered their price list, but now the prices are available through a custom quote only. Therefore we recommend you complete a form with your zip code and you would be receiving several quotes.

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