Handmade UFO Abduction Lamps by Jason Dietz

Handmade UFO Abduction Lamps by Jason Dietz

Spotted during the DIY Maker Faire, the UFO abduction lamp is one out-of-the-box design that will put others to shame. Designed by Jason Dietz, the UFO-themed lamps are handmade from recycled glass tubes, light diffusers and acrylic rings. The lamps are filled with the ten gallons of water and produce bubbles that looks mesmerizing. The lamps make use of CFL, LED and halogen bulbs. The 5-feet 5-inches tall lamp shows a cow being abducted in the giant plasma tube. Hit the jump to see the UFO abduction lamp in action.

Every year, Maker Faire displays the perfect, harmonious blend of art and tech, science and craft, and everything in between. This year’s Maker Faire Bay Area, truly the world’s largest DIY festival, takes place at the San Mateo Fairgrounds on May 22nd and 23rd. One of the new makers presenting is Jason Dietz, and he’s bringing his awesome UFO Abduction Lamps (pictured above). We connected with Jason for a little Q&A;, and this is what he had to say.

These are handmade UFO abduction lamps. They stand 5-feet 5-inches tall and are made out of recycled glass tubes, light diffusers, and acrylic rings. They hold approximately 10 gallons of water each. They use a series of different lights that include CFLs, LEDs, and halogens. They each have a 110-volt 20-gallon air pump that produces the bubbles from the bottom. The theme is a cow being abducted out of a grassy pasture — look carefully to see the cow in the giant plasma tube.

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