La Casa de Botellas – A crystal castle made from thousands of plastic bottles

We have come across many creative work made from plastic bottles. But, the bottles being transformed into a castle is a one-of-a-kind work that is truly appreciable and inspiring. La Casa de Botellas is a Palace designed of plastic bottle that is confined by Santa Cruz Family.

The house designed by the Alfredo Santa Cruz family in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina sets an example to utilize the plastic bottles that could possibly have been trashed into bins. Almost every item of the house is made of thousands of PET plastic bottles, which is simple, accessible and creative at the same time.

The walls, columns, beds, couches, coffee tables and even an outdoor garden palapa are made from discarded drink bottles. A small playhouse for his younger daughter is again made up of the plastic bottles. Self-invented casting technology keeps these thousands of bottles fused together without obstructing the visual symmetry. The list of the bottles use in various parts of the home is as follows:

• 1200 PET plastic bottles in its walls

• 1300 milk and wine Tetra Pack containers in its roof

• 140 compact disk boxes in its doors and windows

• 120 PET plastic bottles in the couches

• 200 PET plastic bottles in the bed

The house receives visitors almost every day in Puerto Iguazu. It reopened back for visitors in 2022.

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