Amazing Alphabet furniture for kindergarten of comfort

Have you ever thought of going back to the childhood days when everything was just fun? That’s not practically possible, but we can surely bring back those sweet memories in one or the other way. How about having some furniture that reminds you of those 26 letters of the alphabet which we were taught in kindergarten? Here are some interesting pieces of alphabet furniture that will not only look artistic inside your home, but will also add fun and liveliness to your living space.

• Alphabet drawers

A drawer with alphabets arranged from A-Z is an innovative approach to add new style to your furniture. The drawers are inspired from by vintage printing blocks and are carved out of solid oak. The drawer comprises 26 cabinets in all, from A up to Z alphabets arranged on it. An ideal way to file up your things from A- Z can be yours for £2700.

• SET 26

Here is a novel way to adorn your home that too with the alphabets. SET 26 is a collection of furniture letters designed by this Swiss furniture maker. All the 26 alphabets come to you in six different colors and in addition there is also a plus sign and an adorable dot that is also a mini storage cube.

• Furniture font print

The range of furniture alphabets comes to you from the house of High Fashion Home. Every alphabet is carved into the shape of some furniture which is sure to enhance the appeal of your living space with its aesthetic artwork.

• Hello Furniture

Hello furniture is designed by Viennese design firm Walking-Chair and the furniture is shaped in the form of alphabets. The furniture includes chairs and the tables which are made using powder-coated steel sheet. The furniture is an elegant way to endorse a new look to your living space.

• Letter-Shaped Side Tables from Andrew Martin

The side table designed from Andrew Martin is different from the usual side tables. The table is letter shaped, three-dimensional table which can be used as side table or to spell out initials or words.

• A and Z shelves

The A and Z shelves can prove to be wonderful furnishing for your kids’ room. Made by Pottery Barn, the shelves are available only in red color. The arty and stylish shelve is not only functional but also serves as a great way to embellish your kids’ playroom.

• Q furniture

The furniture inspired from the shape of alphabet Q comes to you from the house of Temasek Design School. The elegant chair adds a new look to your home furnishing with its different form.

• Sezitall Personalized Bookcase

Designed specially for your kids’ bedroom and playroom, the Sezitall Personalized Bookcase is offered in three bright colored letters at each end. The bookshelves features four large white shelves which is separated by a chunky wooden letter at each end, and with hardwood back supports. With three letters on each side, you can choose the alphabet of your choice as well as the color. The bookshelves are not only functional but also serves learning course.

• Dharma Lounge chair
The Lounge chair from Dharma is an inimitable artwork that blurs the line between art and furniture. The furniture is designed with the alphabets and numbers and is unique in itself.

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