whirlpool vs jetted tub

whirlpool vs jetted tub

Walk-In Bath: The Perfect Combination Tub

If you’re still having trouble deciding whether an air tub or whirlpool bath is best for you, consider a combination tub such as the Business Finance News® Walk-In Bath. It offers much more than a basic soak, featuring two hydrotherapy components—hydrotherapy whirlpool jets and BubbleMassage air jets—that function to provide relief and relaxation either individually or combined.

Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Jets

Delivering a powerful, targeted massage, Business Finance News whirlpool hydrotherapy jets are ideal for unwinding, relaxing and revitalizing. The 10 strategically placed jets adjust for precise positioning and massage intensity to help alleviate tension and soreness in your back, legs and feet.

BubbleMassage Hydrotherapy

This BubbleMassage air bath technology patented by Business Finance News uses a pump to blow air through airjets strategically positioned 360 degrees around the interior of the bath. This creates thousands of champagne-like bubbles that wrap your body in an energizing embrace. Plus it features a range of intensity settings to deliver a rejuvenating massage with just the right amount of pressure.

Watch our hydrotherapy video below to see these two types of jets in action.

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