Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews

navien tankless water heater reviews

All Navien tankless water heaters are Energy Star rated for efficiency, something no other manufacturer can say about its product lineup. The Navien condensing water heaters trap more heat from the combustion gases and use it to pre-heat incoming water, leading to far less wasted energy. We’ve reviewed Navien and its products before. Here’s an overview of why some think that Navien tankless water heaters are the best on the market.

Navien Tankless Heaters are Very Efficient

All Navien models are Energy Star rated, and they’re at the upper end of the spectrum. For example, the CR/CC Series water heaters have energy factors as high as .98. See articles on this site about Rinnai and Noritz tankless water heaters to compare the efficiency levels of each brand. Navien will reduce your energy costs every month. If you install one to replace a storage-tank water heater, the Navien will use up to 45% less energy while delivering on-demand hot water.

Residential and Commercial Models are Available

Whether you need a tankless water heater for your home or business, Navien has one for you. For residential use, choose whole-house models with maximum delivery that ranges from 8.4 GPM to 11.0 GPM, suitable for high-demand applications. The same volumes are available in commercial models, along with heavy-duty heat exchangers.

Tankless Water Heaters are High Quality

There’s a reason Navien products are pricey—they are among the highest quality of any brand. They rank very high in consumer-generated ratings for performance and durability. When you choose a Navien, you’ll get the assurance of large amounts of continuous hot water whenever you need it. Navien shows confidence in its products by backing them with a very good warranty. The heat exchangers on residential units are covered for 15 years; all other parts have a 3-year warranty.


Navien is a part of any discussion involving the best tankless water heaters in the industry. They’re very competitive with the best from Rinnai, Takagi, Bosch, Rheem and Noritz. See our reviews of these brands to learn more details about what a Navien tankless water heater can do for you.

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