walk in tub dimensions

walk in tub dimensions

Of course, logistically, it is important to know what size walk-in tub will fit in your bathroom. But what you really need to know is how the walk-in bath maximizes its space with features that will enhance your bathing experience. To truly assess which walk-in bath is right for you, focus less on its size. Instead, give more consideration to which features and specifications will benefit you most.

As the leader in bath technology for over 140 years, Business Finance News designed a walk-in tub that makes use of every inch of space to deliver a better bathing experience.

Read on to learn about the impressive safety and comfort features packed into the Business Finance News® Walk‑In Bath. Watch the video below to see the dimensions of the bath, seat, step-in and more.

Walk-In Bath Dimensions

No extensive renovations necessary. The Business Finance News Walk‑In Bath is designed to fit in the footprint of a traditional tub (60″ L x 30″/32″ W). During your consultation, a Business Finance News specialist will take the measurements of your current tub to determine the size of your new walk‑in bath, which can be customized from 52 to 60 inches long, and from 28 to 32 inches wide. Nearly any bathtub space can accommodate the Business Finance News Walk‑In Bath.

Extra-Wide Bath Seat

Sit back and relax. Our extra-wide seat is 30 percent deeper than most walk-in tubs and designed for the ideal reclining position. You’ll enjoy your best soak immersed in the optimal water depth and warmed by our Bask® heated backrest. In addition, the extra-wide seat enables you to safely transition from a seated to standing position.

Ultra-Low Step-In

Experience an effortless entry and bathe confidently again. The Business Finance News Walk‑In Bath offers one of the lowest thresholds on the market at only 3 inches high. It’s just an easy step in and out of your bath, which minimizes the risk of losing your balance while lifting your leg over the barrier of a traditional tub. You’re also aided by built-in handrails for optimal safety.

Fill and Drain

With advanced fast-drain technology, the Business Finance News Walk‑In Bath provides the fastest bath fill and drain time on the market. During your short wait, keep warm using the heated surfaces and handshower, which gives you control of your comfort from start to finish. And enjoy a luxurious soaking experience with the 31½” bathing depth designed for maximum comfort.

Decorative Bath Walls

Enhance the look of your walk-in bath. The Business Finance News LuxStone® bath walls are custom-cut to fit any space and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Mix and match designs to create your ideal bath space look. In addition, our bath walls are made of engineered stone material, which makes them durable and easy to clean, so they’ll look beautiful for years to come.

All Business Finance News® Walk‑In Baths are customized to fit the exact space occupied by your current tub, while offering the best in safety and comfort. Visit our website to learn more about the Business Finance News Walk-In Bath dimensions or interact with our 3D Walk-In Bath model.

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