universal walk in tubs

universal walk in tubs

Are you looking for affordability?

How about luxury alongside the latest therapeutic technology, like a walk-in tub whirlpool jets and chromotherapy capabilities?

Or how about easy and safe wheelchair access?

Universal has so many walk-in tubs in their range, that they will definitely have the right tub for you.

Universal walk-in tubs are middle-of-the-pack when it comes to price, and are generally rated highly by purchasers.

Finding a specific model that suits you can be difficult, because of Universal’s extensive range.

With that in mind, we’ve looked at three different models below. This should give you an idea of what to expect, whatever your specific requirements are.


Universal Walk-in Tub Products

All of Universal’s bathtubs are made of marine-grade fiberglass. They are triple-coated for long-lasting good looks and easy maintenance.

white-universal-tubs-walk-in-bathtubs-300x300Universal walk-in tubs are all ADA-compliant, so safety is a top priority. They all feature built-in grab bars and textured slip-resistant floors to make private, unassisted bathing comfortable and easy.

Seniors and the disabled can retain bathing independence for a longer average time period if they own one of these baths. The benefits of independent bathing for seniors have been well-documented.

Other than the basic tub shell and sealing door, each tub model is specialized for a different kind of user:

  • The deep soaking tub is ideal for relaxation and cleansing.
  • The whirlpool model has air and water jet features for a stimulating massage and luxury spa feeling.
  • The wheelchair-friendly tub has an innovative seat and door design that makes independent bathing easy and pleasurable.

Universal Walk-in Bathtub Features

Before you can commit to purchasing any walk-in tub, you have to be sure it has not only the features you require but also the correct dimensions for your home.

Deep Soaker

The basic deep-soaker is an affordable option that suits a family home with members of varying mobility levels. It’s also wide enough to suit most body types.

It’s very important to note that this model doesn’t have a built-in seat. A separate shower seat will be needed – but it means that other family members who prefer to lie down in the tub will be able to do so.

Soaking tub features at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 30” wide x 60” long x 37.25” tall
  • Right or left side drain
  • Right or left side door opening
  • Inward-opening door
  • 60″ extendable handheld shower head
  • Low step-in threshold
  • Removable panel for easy tub maintenance

Wheelchair Accessible

The second tub in our review is one that caters to those who have very limited mobility. This slide-in tub allows a wheelchair-bound person to move easily from chair to a built-in seat.

The seat is the same height as a standard wheelchair, and the door opens outwards completely and away from the seat. Enjoy a good long soak, with no standing required at any point!

An important point to note is that it has a higher than standard step-in threshold, so it’s not designed to be a safe walk-in tub. It’s used specifically for wheelchair access. A person with good mobility can also use the tub of course, so it could be a good addition to the home of a family with a wheelchair-bound member.

Wheelchair tub features at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 29” width x 59” length x 42” tall
  • Right or left side drain
  • Right or left side door opening
  • Extra-wide door with easy wheelchair access
  • Inward-opening door
  • 60″ extendable handheld shower head
  • Removable panel for easy maintenance


Our third tub is the whirlpool model. It’s a luxury tub with both air and water jets and also offers aromatherapy and chromotherapy features.


Hydrotherapy studies by researchers show that water massage can be very beneficial for seniors, and others with limited mobility.

If you want the experience of a health spa right in your very own bathroom, this model has that “wow” factor. Deep-tissue massage and gentle air bubbles ease your aches and pains, while gentle fragrance and soft lighting create a high-end island retreat feel.

Whirlpool tub features at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 26” wide x 46” long x 39” tall
  • Quick Fill faucet set
  • 60″ extendable handheld shower head
  • Fast draining in as little as a minute
  • Inward-opening door
  • 13 adjustable whirlpool jets
  • 26 air massage jets
  • Aromatherapy (scent canisters not included)
  • Chromotherapy
  • Pneumatic control buttons
  • Inline water heater for temperature maintenance
  • Built-in slip-resistant contoured seat

Universal Walk-in Tubs Price

Universal walk-in tubs are available from Home Depot, so their prices may vary if they are offering discounts for holiday or clearance sales.

Tub Model Price
Universal Deep Soaker Tub From $1,538
Universal Wheelchair Tub From $3,085
Universal Whirlpool Tub From $3,344

Warranty Certifications

Universal tubs have a 12-year warranty on the tub and a 7-year warranty on parts. The door seal has a lifetime warranty.

All Universal tubs are 4-UL Certified, ADA Compliant, CSA Certified, and IAPMO listed.

The tubs delivered to your property won’t be installed in your bathroom. You will have to organize the installation with a reputable plumber of your choice. The tub manufacturer provides comprehensive online manuals that you can give your local plumber to aid in the installation.

Not offering an installation service may seem like a disadvantage to some buyers, but it allows the company to keep its costs in the middle range of the market. It’s up to the individual buyer to decide if they are prepared to forgo service in order to pay less for the product.


Mature senior coupleUniversal walk-in tubs are notable for their many and varied options on the market.

They’ve got something for everyone: tubs that cost less than $2,000, tubs for people who want luxury features, tubs that accommodate bariatric users, and wheelchair-friendly tubs.

You should definitely be able to find the right tub for you in their collection.

The tubs are sturdy and well-made, ADA-compliant, and have received high ratings from most users. The only downside is that Universal is not a full-service tub manufacturer – but if you live in an area with reputable plumbers who can install your new bathtub, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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