tankless water heater noritz review

tankless water heater noritz review

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While the name might not seem familiar to the average person, fans of tankless water heaters immediately take notice when you mention the name Noritz. This company produces a wide range of tankless models, all of which provide some of the best quality and savings you’ll find on the market for both indoor and outdoor models.

An important distinction is that Noritz focuses on gas (natural gas and/or propane) fueled heaters as opposed to electric due to the lower energy consumption and smaller environmental impact.

About Noritz

The history of Noritz began in 1951 as Noritsu Bath Industry in Kobe, Japan, began to release gas bath boilers and furnaces. This expanded to include oil boilers in 1963, their first tankless heater in 1966, and gas water heaters in 1970.

1980 and 1981 saw the birth of the modern Noritz, however, with the introduction of a combination instantaneous heater and the first modern, electronically controlled tankless water heater.

The following decades saw large-scale expansion, a shift to tankless water heaters, and the distinction of being the first tankless company in the world to offer ASME-certified models. Now, nearly 70 years later, Noritz is at the leading edge of tankless water heaters, striving for simple, eco-friendly designs that will also shrink your expenses.

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Noritz Water Heaters

EZ Series

Consisting of three different models, the EZ series offers a mid to high range energy factor and designed specifically to make replacing that old tank model a snap. The EZTR40 has a UEF of .87 and can replace 40-50 gallon tanks using the existing connections, providing your home with up to 6.6 gallons every minute.

As their name suggests, the EZ111 and EZ98 can provide up to 11.1 and 9.8 GPM, respectively. These models are an excellent choice for converting from your old tanks and have an impressive .97 UEF. It’s really tough to go wrong with the EZ series, making it the perfect upgrade choice for most homes. If you have a very large home, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better tankless water heater than the EZ111.

Mid-Range (NR Series)

Boasting a UEF of .81, the NR series offers both indoor and outdoor gas-fed models designed to provide just the right amount of water. Depending upon the model, the temperature settings can be set as low as 100 degrees, while all models have a safety-oriented maximum of 140 degrees. The smallest models provide up to 5 gallons per minute, while most put out 9.8 GPM.

Combination Boilers (NRCB and CB Series)

Combination (or modcon) boilers provide a two-for-one benefit by acting as both a water heater and small furnace. Of the four current models Noritz offers, the NRCB series provides an amazing 95% AFUE (annual fuel use efficiency) and 9.8 or 11.1  max GPM. The two CB series models provide 9.1 or 9.3 max GPM.

All four models are designed to allow for simultaneous water and space heating, meaning a shower won’t affect the room temperature. Not only are these excellent choices for providing hot water, but the dual purpose means you can also use them to heat your garage or basement at a much lower cost. Best of all, these models have ultra-low emissions that easily surpass standards.

Best Tankless Models

ProLine XE Polaris GHX-50-199-N

ProLine XE Polaris GHX-50-175-N

Noritz Water Heater Parts

Due to the construction of Noritz water heaters, they can outlast much of the competition. However, they will still occasionally need maintenance and parts replaced to keep them in peak condition.

Among the most common parts are water filters, vent components, and gas burners. Please note that some additional components may need to be replaced occasionally for combination models.


Where to Buy Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Noritz models can be purchased at Home Depot, Amazon, Build.com, as well as other online and local dealers.

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