state water heaters reviews

state water heaters reviews

About State Water Heaters

As with many other major companies, State Water Heaters had very humble beginnings. Founded in a garage by Herbert Lindahl in 1946, the company produced coal and wood-burning stoves for its hometown of Nashville.

Two years later, Lindahl began producing electric water heaters and added gas-fired heaters in 1954. After this point, the company began to focus more on new technology and innovations, adding welded steel galvanized tanks in 1956 and porcelainized glass-lined tanks in 1957, which has since become standard.

Fast-forward to 1979, when State becomes the first company to add foam insulation between the jacket and tank. They also achieve a patent that same year for their Sandblaster commercial water heater design, which reduces the amount of sediment and scale in the tank. Since then, they have become one of the top players in the worldwide market, despite not being as well-advertised as many other brands.

In 2001, State Industries, Inc. was acquired by water heater giant A.O. Smith, which at the time nearly doubled the size of its water heater business.

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Gas and Propane Models

ProLine XE Polaris GHX-50-199-N

ProLine XE Polaris GHX-50-175-N

Gas water heaters are often more cost efficient than electric models, and State offers over 200 models in three tiers to make it easy to find one that’s right for you.


Every gas heater by State is designed to give you commercial heater quality at a residential cost. These durable heaters are able to provide water for the busiest of households while remaining highly efficient.


Starting off at a modest .57 UEF, the basic ProLine tier has more than 100 models, with most being rated Low NOx and the rest being Ultra-Low NOx. Sizes range from 30 gallons to a whopping 98 gallons, and individual models have warranties of six to ten years.

The overall quality and efficiency make these low-tier units quite desirable for even the busiest homes.

ProLine Master

As with the basic ProLine models, the ProLine Master series has a minimum UEF of .57 and comprises entirely of Low NOx and Ultra-Low NOx rated tanks. Each of these 40 to 55 gallon tanks boast an 8-year warranty, making them an investment that lasts.

ProLine XE

Beginning at .65 UEF, the various 30 to 55 gallon tanks in this line boast a range of  potential features, from LCD displays to ENERGY STAR compliance and LEED point eligibility. The 60 models in this tier match a wide range of venting and output needs, making them some of the best gas and liquid propane water heaters on the market.

Electric Models

Building electric water heaters for more than half a century has allowed State to make their heaters some of the most reliable on the market. Currently consisting of three tiers, the ProLine series electric heaters have something for everyone.


Built to last, ProLine water heaters employ a mix of efficiency and durability to ensure even the smallest unit is a long-term investment without a long-term debt. Higher tiers further improve the quality, with each step up adding to the overall quality.

However, even the lowest tier boasts considerable efficiency, with the lowest UEF of any model being an enviable .89.


The lowest ProLine tier is also easily the largest, ranging from a 2.5 gallon point-of-use heater to 55 gallon tanks. Despite being the “bottom line”, the lowest UEF rating is .89 for three of the 30-gallon models, with others boasting as high as .93.

Whether you have a small mobile home or small to mid size house, there’s probably a ProLine that’s perfect for your needs.

ProLine Master

With a UEF of .92 to .93, the ProLine Master line is a highly efficient step up from the regular line. Five models are currently available, including two 40-gallon, two 50-gallon, and one 55-gallon tank. All models in this tier include a Coregard sacrificial anode rod and 8-year limited tank warranty.

ProLine XE

Ranging from 40 gallons to 80 gallons, the ProLine XE is tough to beat. The least efficient model in this line has a UEF of .92, while the most efficient enjoys an insane 3.52 UEF. Several models in this line are ENERGY STAR certified, and offer up to two LEED points, making these some of the most desireable electric water heaters on the market.

Tankless Models

Tankless heaters have become increasingly popular in recent years, and State hasn’t neglected this portion of the market. These gas and propane models include both condensing and non-condensing designs, many of which have LEED and ENERGY STAR ratings.

Boasting 15 year warranties, these models all have high UEFs and will provide plenty of hot water on demand for your household’s needs.

State Water Heater Parts

No matter how great the heater or how long the warranty, some parts will burn out faster than others. The most common of these parts is your anode rod, but other components also may need replacement during your regular maintenance periods.

These include thermostats, heating elements, thermocouples, flu dampers, temperature controls, and valves.

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