rane tubs

rane tubs

Unassisted bathing for seniors and the disabled has been revolutionized in the last few decades by the walk-in tub industry.

There are a lot of specialized tubs on the market. How can you be sure you’re buying not only safety and luxury features, but also a fantastic quality that’s stood the test of time?

This is where Rane walk-in tub solutions come in.


Rane Bathing Systems was one of the original manufacturers of bathtubs with side-opening doors. They recognized the importance of easy and safe tub access for people with mobility issues.

They started out in the 1970s by developing and manufacturing walk-in tubs for healthcare facilities and residential care homes.

These days, private individuals are lucky enough to be able to purchase a Rane walk-in tub for home use. We’ve reviewed their 3 top-quality models, so you can see at a glance which is the best option for you.

Rane Walk-in Tub Products

Rane Bathing Systems uses some of the best quality materials in the business. Their tubs are all made with marine-grade fiberglass gel coat, extra reinforcing in the seat and walk-in areas, and aircraft-grade aluminum frames.

Rane offers a host of optional luxury features with their tubs. Buyers can choose whether they want a model with wheelchair access or an extra-large tub for bariatric bathers or those looking for an extra-deep soak.

Their three models can be installed in either a freestanding or alcove fashion. If you have a smaller bathroom or an unusual bathroom layout, a Rane walk-in tub will fit right in.

RC2 Pacific Walk-in Tub

The RC2 Pacific is Rane’s most popular walk-in tub model, because of its versatility and reasonable price. You can choose whether you prefer a left- or right-handed door position.

You can choose a number of feature upgrades for your standard tub. Along with standard safety features, enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy with luxurious touches like aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

Fill and drain times are fast, so you won’t have to get chilled while waiting for the tub to fill or drain – a boon in the colder months!

Features at a glance:

  • Dimensions: 29” wide x 50” long x 41” tall
  • Step-in threshold: 6”
  • Door orientation: Left or right
  • Inward-swinging door
  • Fill time: 6.25 minutes
  • Drain time: 2.75 minutes

RE2 Huron Walk-In Tub

This Rane walk-in tub lives up to its namesake – big beautiful Lake Huron! It’s a wonderfully deep and spacious tub. It features a wider interior and door that makes it a great option for bariatric users.

It’s also perfect for any bather who enjoys an extra-deep soak and an invigorating hydro massage. You can get all the benefits of a jacuzzi and a deep-soaking tub right in your very own bathroom.

Features at a glance

  • Dimensions: 32.5” wide x 53” long x 42” tall
  • Extra-wide door width of 20”
  • Step-in threshold: 7”
  • Door orientation: Left or right
  • Inward-swinging door
  • Fill time: 7.67 minutes
  • Drain time: 2.10 minutes

RM3 Superior Walk-in Tub


The RM3 Superior bathtub is the best option for wheelchair-bound seniors or veterans. It allows for easy transfer from wheelchair to seat, and is suitable for people with progressive mobility issues.

This model boasts super-fast fill and drain times, a wider interior for spacious comfort, and a curved doorway. The outward-swinging door is an advantage for easy access and exit. It has an extremely low step-in threshold of only 4.5”.

Even bathers with very limited mobility can enjoy the luxury of getting in and out of the bath completely unassisted. There’s nothing like the feeling of enjoying a luxurious soak in complete privacy.

Features at a glance

  • Dimensions: 30” wide x 50” long x 40” tall
  • Step-in threshold: 4.5”
  • Door orientation: Left or right
  • Outward-swinging door
  • Fill time: 5.42 minutes
  • Drain time: 1.58 minutes

Rane Walk-in Tub Standard Features

  • Brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze roman deck: upgrade the standard chrome fixtures to nickel or bronze, to suit your décor tastes.
  • CleanRane™ air spa system: air massage jet system with microbubbles for optimum cleansing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Supreme combination package:  add air and whirlpool massagers, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy for a luxurious spa-like feeling.
  • Head pillow: lie back comfortably while soaking or bathing.
  • Gel seat cushion: perfect comfort while sitting.
  • Shower bar: turn your tub into a versatile and safe stand-up shower
  • Side panels: can be installed to cover exposed sides of the tub if it’s freestanding.
  • Extension panels: can be installed to fit the tub into a standard bathtub space without gaps

Rane Walk-in Tub Prices

The Rane walk-in tubs are all customizable, as you can see from the list of features above. Prices will vary according to your choice of upgrades and features. Here is an overview of the basic price range we found in the marketplace:

Model Starting Price
RC2 Pacific $ 4,729
RE2 Huron $ 5,439
RM3 Superior $ 6,999


All three of the Rane walk-in tub models have a lifetime warranty on the door seal, 5 years on the tub shell and finishing, and 3 years on all other components.


While customers can choose a basic walk-in tub for safe and easy private bathing, Rane offers many luxury features that you can add to your standard model. Customization and versatility are some of their biggest selling points.

With over 80 combined years of experience in the business, Rane is one of the most tried, tested, and trustworthy options in walk-in tubs.

Rane Bathing Systems not only manufacture bathtubs but a host of other products for people with limited mobility issues. They understand the needs of seniors and others who want to retain their independence and privacy when it comes to bathing.

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