Polka Dot Design

Polka Dot Design

Polka Dot Design

Behind the term “polka dots” hides nothing more than the good old dot pattern, where it is particularly large dots. These are not arranged regularly, but staggered. Thus, polka dots catch the eye on every piece of clothing and make every look a real eye-catcher.

When it comes to the color combination, there are several variations: Black and white combinations are the most popular, but with colorful dots you prove your trend awareness.

Where does the pattern trend come from?

Dots were already very popular in the 19th century and in fact the name goes back to the traditional polka dance, because for this women usually wore dotted dresses. By the way, the Polish word “polka” translated means “Polish woman”. For these two reasons, hardly any other pattern reflects joie de vivre and playful femininity as well as the eye-catching dots.

The worldwide popularity of this classic pattern is due to none other than Minnie Mouse. She made polka dots a fashion trend in the 1950s with her red skirt with white dots and matching hair band.

How can you combine polka dots?

The polka dot pattern is really easy to combine and directly makes every outfit a bit more chic. The large dots look very feminine, which is why they are suitable for both casual looks and business outfits. The polka dot pattern looks great on any piece of clothing, the print is especially popular on swingy dresses and midi skirts, chic blouses, casual pants and even pumps! And not only in the classic combination with black and white, but also in bright colors like orange, blue, green or yellow.

At the same time, the pattern trend is wonderfully diverse, because the dots look different on every piece of clothing: Sometimes very large and widely scattered, sometimes a little smaller and standing close together. Let yourself be inspired by our 3 styling tips, with which you will succeed fashionably a real dot landing!

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