Self-heating Piezo Shower is futuristic yet feasible

Self-heating Piezo Shower is futuristic yet feasible

Self-heating Piezo Shower is futuristic yet feasible

Showers get a new take with every upcoming design. But, this shower stands stupendous in the list of showers. Hailed as “Piezo Shower”, the ingenious shower is designed by Weimann in alliance with the Stelmasuk, Jansson and Pizá. Piezo is a self-heating shower that heats itself using piezoelectricity. The electricity is produced by the fibers through movement and friction that heats up the water for a hot bathe. These fibers are enclosed within the pipes, and the water flows through this pipes.

As the water circulates in the pipe, the electricity is produced by the friction that heats the water. The delicate pipe work gives alluring structural shape to the shower. Piezo shower is controlled through a waterproof touch-screen that can be integrated in bathroom tiling. In addition, digital interface regulates the water temperature and pressure, and also helps to effectively utilize the water by keeping the track of their elapsed shower-time.

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