Savvy Decorista: Recycled clocks under $50

Savvy Decorista: Recycled clocks under $50

Savvy Decorista: Recycled clocks under $50

Today in this article you will see some masterpieces created out of recycled materials. Clocks made out of such parts that are mostly found in landfill areas when discarded are masterpieces in the real sense of the word. Helping you to go green from the most basic of things, these clocks can obviously be made at home too, but when these pieces are available at a reasonable price, then why bother?

Wire Rimmed Recycled CD Clock

The name says it all! This clock has been made with a CD and recycled computer motherboard is cut and placed on the silver side of the CD. It wears the price tag of $70.

Cog Desk Clock

Made from recycled bicycle cog, it is perfect little clock for your desk.

This fun little clock is perfect for a desk or bedside table. Made from a recycled bicycle cog. Cool, right? A perfect gift for just about any guy, and even better for your eco-minded friends who love to recycle…and a FAB gift for cyclists! 4″ x 4″. Battery included.

Red Recycled Computer Clock

This clock is made of recycled 3.5″ hard drive and raised gold numbers. Each original clock is signed and numbered by the artist.

Fab, fun and GREEN gift featuring a recycled 3.5″ hard drive and a mirror-finished disk platter. Each original clock is signed and numbered by the artist. (Photo is a representation of what will be sent as no two clocks are exactly alike!). Measures approx. 6″x7″.
This GREEN gift is sure to be a standout!

Recycled Double Sprocket Clock

Made from recycled bike chain ring par and cog, this clock has a face that has been laser engraved. It is run on one AA battery.

Recycled Hybrid Clock

Made from recycled bike part and computer parts for sustainability, this clock wears the price tag of $38.

Unouckily this beautiful clock is unavailable since 2022

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