Pillows for the internet obsessed to rest their heads on

Pillows for the internet obsessed to rest their heads on

Pillows for the internet obsessed to rest their heads on

Last time, we told you about 15 Hi-tech pillows geeks would love to sleep on, and this time, we have some of coolest designer and printed pillows any internet addict would love to rest his head on: the most sold ones are the Facebook and the Tik-Tok pillows

The internet has such an influence over our lives that we have started decorating our house around the same theme. There is a range of geeky pillows available online for the internet obsessed. Whether you are a fan of TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace, any chat client or surfing web just for fun, you are surely going to love these internet-themed pillows.

My favorite pillow is the Facebook pillow. Let me know please in the comments which is your favorite pillow.

Google Android Pillows

I am sure all the geeks there would love this pillow. Featuring Google Android mascot, this pillow is sure to impress all the Google users. The pillow can be all yours for just 19.99 each from Craftsquatch.

RSS Feed Icon Pillow

If you really want to take a sleep that rotates you all around the world of internet, you should try to rest your heads on this RSS feed icon pillow. The pillow carries mere a price of $20 to take you to the big world of net.

Chat Pillows

Wanna chat whole night with your friends, try these pillows that’ll let you chat in dreams. The pillows from Throwboy come with different phrases like lolz, WTF and many others.

YouTube Pillows

It will certainly aggregate all your thoughts and dreams into order, giving you real simple sleep. The YouTube pillows will navigate your dreams through videos. For just $17.99, these pillows are perfect to complement any geek apartments.

Are you a fan of Youtube? Of course you are. It’s full of cute kitties and humans being hit in the crotch and whatnot. What about Yahoo? Well, then these pillows might be for you.

Rest your head on the web with these geek pillows from etsy. These handmade fleece pillows measure about 12″x12″ and are filled with 100% polyester fiberfill, not videos and photos from your account.

Only $17.99. Geek up your apartment with them.

Twitter Icon Pillow

Are you a big time twitter user? Then is pillow is right for you to rest your head on the web with these geek pillows. The Twitter Icon Pillow is available for $17.99, from Craftsquatch.

Justin, who was seller Craftsquatch in Etsy, stopped selling on that platform in about 2022, and now he sells on his page in Instagram.

Facebook Icon Pillow

One of the famous networking site is now right under your head. The Facebook Icon pillow now offers you to write on walls, and poke your friends in dreams with these cuddly pillows. 100% handcrafted, it is made with the softest fleece and the fluffiest polyester filling, making it firm yet springy. This is also a creation from Craftsquatch.

Thumbs Up Throw Pillow

Inspired by social networking site, this fun Thumbs Up throw pillow looks great to keep your head on. The pillow carries a price tag of $27.50.

Yahoo Icon Pillow

Yahoo, one of the best search engines yet, now takes a place in your bed. The handmade fleece pillow is filled with 100% polyester fiberfill. It simply denotes a Y with the quotation. Simply cool!

Mail Icon Pillow

I think you got a mail to check under your head. This is what this pillow seems to speak- you have a mail. Carrying an icon of mail this pillow looks great.

It is normally sold out, so check frequently for similar models.

The seller in Etsy, name Iconpillows, paused his profile in the platform in 2022.

Firefox Icon Pillow

For the Firefox fans, here is a pillow that you are sure to want to have. The Firefox Icon Pillow is a handmade fleece pillow that measures about 12” and is filled with 100% fiberfill. This should be great for people who prefer using Firefox for their Internet browsing, not to mention the great color combination which makes is lively and nifty to have in your bedroom.

For me, the second best browser, is now on your bed. The Firefox Icon Pillow makes an amazing addition to all the geeky lovers’ apartment. It is a handmade fleece that can be all yours for $14.99

Chat Icon Pillow

Here is a pillow that you sure want to rest your head on. The chat icon pillow can be a great addition to your beds with something innovative. Tagged for $16.99.

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