How To Give empty beer cans new life

How To Give empty beer cans new life

How To Give empty beer cans new life

After a weekend party, one question which strikes my and definitely your mind as well…what to do with the empty beer cans? The cans look pleasing in look but we cannot find the right way to utilize them. Now you have all the reasons to celebrate and give these cans a new life. Check out some of the different ways to make use of these cans, and show your love for beer like you mean it.

Before sending all of your beer or soda cans to the recycling center, you may want to see some ways they could be useful. Because aluminum cans are so abundant, especially on Mondays, many people have found creative ways to give them new life.  From art to clothing to housing, nothing seems impossible after the last drop of beer has been consumed.

Some people have built and furnished their homes using empty beer cans. An interesting form of aluminum siding is created by using flattened cans applied in an overlapping scale pattern. Other wall designs rely on uncrushed cans. Decorative elements are added by creative arrangement of the cans or by cutting the cans into workable shapes for specific purposes.

Beer bottle recycling

You can turn theses cans below into some beautiful luminaries and votive holders by carefully cutting cans down and cutting out shapes for light to shine through. These luminaries can be used together to dress up the indoors as well as the patio and deck.

Beer can luminaries

Pile up all the empty cans; create a stable equilibrium and place a glass on it and your table is ready. Well your table may gain few pounds, drinking up all that beer.

For an artistic transparent table without cans, we have this article here for you.

Beer can table

Without much effort, these cans are used as vases simply by putting them together and covering it with a plastic sheet. Once you buy the plastic sheet, the beer cans can be painted with different colors permanently, or can be painted every time you have a new bunch of flowers. Wouldn’t it be fun to transform them into something really neat just like this 6-pack vase?

Beer can flower vase

The beautiful wall art depicted below is made from the nice arc in the beer cans. Designed by Paul Villinksi, the art is shaped in the form of butterflies that looks amazing on your walls. Collecting crushed beer cans from the streets of New York City, Williams crafted marvelous fluttering array. These pieces exploring themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies.

Recycled can wall art

Used beer cans were beautifully repurposed into this butterfly spiral wall art.  Others have used a more direct approach and used flattened special edition beer cans as wallpaper.  Beer can collectors also enjoy using the uncrushed cans as a wallcovering that doubles as a unique display.

Your collection can turn out to be fruitful by converting them into planters with the can sheets as we show below. Fixing the sheets on the planter gives a beautiful look to any outdoor garden or patio.

Beer can planter

A huge collection of empty beer cans help you to easily construct a chair to sit comfortably. Cut and arrange the beer cans to form objects, environments and people. To add visual impact to your creation, you can paint the cans and toss other objects to the mix.

Beer can chair

Does not look bad as a chair, but I personally prefer the foldable chair design, followed by the weird chair with luminaries. How to combine the colors of a beer can chair with the rest of your decor? Not easy.

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