How the material of death infuses life into your interiors?

How the material of death infuses life into your interiors?

When it comes to coffins, the only thing that pops in to my head is a man wearing black robe with fangs that are jumping to bite you. Well, in any case the only thing that you can relate coffins is with death, funerals and graveyards. It is definitely not easy for you to sit on a chair that looks like a coffin. As far as I am concerned, the idea itself cropped from my overconfident liking of all things deadly and dark. As far as you are concerned, I will make it sure that after you finish reading this post, you also fall in the category of overconfident lovers of coffins and other things that come related with it.

Coffin Couches

A blissful resting peace for times to come. With these eco-friendly materials and awesome colorful design it will also infuse much wanted life in your homes with uniqueness. Coffins collected from funeral homes mainly from southern California were not used due to little inconsistencies and are modified to form the finished products from Coffin Couches.

  • Coffin is made from recycled 18 gauge steel
  • Constructed of 4″ heavy duty padding and durable leather or vinyl
  • Inner 1/4″ square rubber tubing for extra back and seat support
  • Underside has a 6.5′ x 2.5′ x 1″ steel frame
  • Six steel legs able to withstand approx. 900 lbs.
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • Custom airbrushed

The company closed in 2022 but it can still be purchased in specialized furniture stores

Too late or too early for the Halloween? It is definitely not. The coffin Couch by Von Erickson is just so perfect for homes who want to have a unique furniture design. This couch has velvet covered foam cushion and uses a metal spring construction seat. To make it like a coffin, the backrest con be completely folded down for a fully shut position. Made from unused coffins due to some slight cosmetic damage, the coffin couch are comfortable enough as each of the unused coffins are reconfigured for comfort purposes. Some may find it awkward to use, but some will surely find it unique especially those who are doing funeral service

Coffin Cabinet

This cabinet is handmade and has a creepy image on its cover that is screen printed.

Here’s a hand-crafted coffin cabinet, constructed out of hard poplar with the classic nossy image silkscreened on the lid. the coffin is secured with glued-up 3/16″ woods dowels for extra strength–no cheap nailgun brads here. all coffins come with hardware and hanging instructions, and measures approx 18″ tall by 9″ wide by 3″ deep.

Images via Etsy seller Morbiddecor from Maryland

Coffin Shelves

Designed by William Warren, these shelves can be converted in to a functional coffin when needed.

Some might think having your own coffin in your house is morbid, but not William Warren. In fact, the furniture and product designer created Shelves for Life, a build-it-yourself Ikea style bookcase that, after you’ve expired, can be reassembled into a coffin. Not only is it good for the environment, it’ll be one less thing your family has to worry about when dealing with your remains. The kits sell for $579 (or 350 GBP) a piece and come stained in a classic blonde wood which just begs for some serious customization. Creepy and awesome.

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