Electricity cables could look beautiful too

Electricity cables could look beautiful too

I know, the cables and the beautiful are two words that just do not go together. However, this is quite simple to achieve. The accessories that are available at Pa-Design can camouflage the wires in a completely new fashion. Take for example the image on top, these accessories can allow you to treat your wires as a greener branch of the tree. Quite cute and simple, isn’t it? So, if you are wondering why buy these simple accessories, then you can take liberty to create some stuff of your own. And, may be send in some pictures, so that I can put it on the blog.

To be honest I hate to see cables all around the house, but with so much electronics in our lives, the cables are an inescapable fact. When wireless electricity will be available all these cable problems will be solved, but who knows when something like this will be available ? Fortunately, there are ingenious people who are dedicated to solving this problem by creating decorative objects that precisely camouflage those cables that are almost impossible to hide behind furniture. An example of such an idea is this bird and leaves solution that can be attached to a cable and give a funny twist to our room. 

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