Bench made of keys out of the boards

Bench made of keys out of the boards

Bench made of keys out of the boards

This may not be the most comfortable chair in the world, but you have to admit the concept behind it is pretty cool.

But, taking in consideration the not so bling-y material that it is made of, it could be the best find of your lifetime. All the keys with which we type, like the A, the B and the numbers make this bench. I really don’t know about the level of comfort that it would give you, but all I can say is, it could be a great piece to add lost charm to your house.

The Wolfgang Keyboard Bench comes from designer Nolan Herbut, who’s keyboards experiments also feature a lamp made out of keys. Getting back to our chair, at a first glance I had the feeling that it is some sort of fancy, expensive crystal furniture item, due to the way it sparks in the light. But the fact that is made out of letters, numbers and question marks is even better than that.

The only draw back  is the fact that it could get really uncomfortable in a short while. And it is not all that hard to picture how standing on a few keyboards stuck together should feel. However, we think this is a pretty fun item to have around. It could also serve as a typing machine simulator when things get boring around the house.

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