Amazing transforming furniture concepts

Amazing transforming furniture concepts

Space comes at premium these days. Every now and then, we come across some of the most innovative space saving furniture concepts. Be it indoor gardening or sleeping, everything is becoming the symbol of modularity at its best. Coming to modularity, nothing defines it better than furniture in homes that is used on daily basis, testifying the importance of modularity. Here comes in the usage of some furniture that is multifunctional. Turn this way you can sit, turn that way you can use it as a table and turn another way, there you have a storage system. I hope I have painted a picture good enough in which you now have to fill colors by looking at some of the most amazing transforming furniture concepts by scrolling down.

Transformer Shelves

Designed by Martin Sammer these shelves allow unique customization of compartments and store things according to his/ her needs. It is more of a creative expression given the ammunition of functionality.

Modular Office Concept

Designed by Florian Jouy, it comes too handy in our space cramped spaces. It is a modular office that folds out to form a single bed. Taking inspiration from the way of living of students, it allows you to rest whenever you are tired of working. That is not all, it also comes with drawers that not only allows you to store, but also serve as a headboard.

Modular furniture units are getting all the attention these days. This modular office concept by Florian Jouy could come handy in modern apartment settings, where space is a major problem. The design of this modular office has been inspired by the way students live.

You can use the modular unit as a simple desk when at work and when you feel like sleeping, you can convert the same into a full bed. The office equipment and other accessories can be stores in the built-in drawer, which serves the function of a headboard. The three planks can be used either as a seating unit or as a mattress for sleeping purposes. The possibilities with modular furniture are never-ending and the only requisite is imagination.

Tent Sofa

Philippe Malouin has designed this tent sofa for Campeggi. It is a multi-functional furniture that can be used as an outdoor furniture unit or even a space saving option for sleeper sofas. The arms of this sofa can be unfolded to create walls and the roof around the mattress transforms into to a cozy bed. Playful transformation of the sofa definitely takes the furniture to a new level.

To meet the users’ diverse needs and to make the most out of the least available space in modern city apartments, London-based designer Philippe Malouin has designed an amusing piece of furniture dubbed “Tent sofa” for the Italian brand manufacturer, Campeggi. Based on the idea of a couch, this multifunctional tent sofa can be used as an outdoor furniture unit or as a space-saving alternative to sleeper sofas. Furnished in green fabric, the tent sofa, with the impression of a military tent, pitches in a space that is shared or common. Looking like an ordinary chair, the modular furniture transforms into a bed or even an outdoor tent-like shelter. Its arms can be unfolded to create walls to maintain privacy, and a pitched roof around the extended mattress turns it into a cozy and comfortable bed. Speaking of alternatives, it takes the idea of a couch fort to an entirely new level.

The sofa is made of soft polyurethane panels, therefore, it can be unfolded to create a real life tent in order to shield its user from public glances. This sofa could also be used in the public sector.


Designed by Ufuk Keskin, it is a clever piece of furniture. It is an apt creation for small spaces, as it is easy to store and easily transportable. It can be flattened completely just like a pack of business cards.

Exploring the wide range of furniture, we often face difficulty in transporting them from one place to the other. Portable furniture is what catches our eye in such scenarios.

Ufuk Keskin has cleverly designed a unique “Sheetseat” that gets molded from a chair to a flat pile of wood analogous to a business card. Featured at DWR’s M+D+F 2022 and IDSA’s Equilateral Exhibitions during New York Design Week, this portable chair is apt for small spaces, allowing ease of storage and transportation. This creative design looks appealing with its extraordinary appearance and convenience.

Sheetseat is a folding chair cut from a single sheet of plywood with a thickness of 3/4″ when collapsed. This simple innovation in flat-pack seating allows for storage and transportation in even the tightest of spaces

5 chairs can be CNC routed out of a single sheet of 4’x8’ plywood with minimal assembly. Appx. 60 chairs fit in the trunk of a regular sized sedan.  Sheetseat was featured by Manhattan Magazine as one of the 5 must-see designs during NY Design Week.

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