15 Hi-tech pillows geeks would love to sleep on

15 Hi-tech pillows geeks would love to sleep on

15 Hi-tech pillows geeks would love to sleep on

I never thought in wildest of my dreams that there would be pillows waking me up or lighting up my house. Well, I think that is the difference between innovators and lazy people like me. The hi-tech pillows listed below are some of the best creations of mankind, cool, weird and above all geekiest things made to pamper you.

This article a more technological approach than our article about icon pillows.

Snore Stopper Pillow

Snore Stopper Pillow from France Bed makes use of a cutting edge technology to help you get rid of snores. The pillow is equipped with an audio sensor that responds with a light vibration when it detects snoring. The way it responds has proven very effective in reducing snoring according to the manufacturer.


A project by Ivonne Dippmann i- Sleep pillow is a comfortable and soft pillow that can be attached on top of your laptop, as it functions like a west in the airplane. He moment you feel sleepy, you close the lap top. When you close the laptop the pillow gets filled with warm air and it also activates a play list with the help of a computer program. And, then after ten minutes the alarm clock rings. However, the playlist and the waking time can be individually adjusted as per your convenience.

Glo Pillow

Glo Pillow from Embryo by Ian Walton is an alternative alarm clock. Designed in collaboration with Eoin McNally, this pillow uses light in place of sound to wake you up. Pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user with the light. The fabric substrate uses the grid of LEDs below to display the time. 40 minutes before the pre-set alarm the pillow begins to glow until it wakes you up gently.

The glo Pillow is an alternative to the traditional alarm clock. It was designed with teammate Eoin McNally in response to a brief to create a product which helps to combat the pressures of a “24 hour” lifestyle.

The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the pillows surface using the grid of LEDs below.

40 minutes before the pre-set alarm time the pillow begins to glow and gently brings the user out of sleep. This natural waking process helps to set the circadian rhythm or “body clock” an

SMS Pillow

From Philips Research, you can send a text message to this pillow. The moment you do so, the words scroll across the pillow, owing to the flexible arrays of multi-colored LEDs embedded in the fabric.

Philips decommissioned this product in 2022, but has not abandoned the pillow area as it started working some years ago in pillows dedicated to combat sleep apnea, also in their Research division.

LED Pillows

From Zuzka, these illuminated pillows use Luminex, which is a light emitting fabric, blending optical fibers with other fibers. It is connected to a light source (LEDs), which are activated by battery or direct current. It wears the price tag of $500.

Computerized Pillow

Daryoush Bazargani’s creation, this pillow is a helping hand for peope who are fed up of snoring of their partners. This computerized pillow shifts the sleeping position of the head until the noise stops. The pillow is attached to a computer, which analyses the snoring noises. The computer then reduces or enlarges the air compartments within the pillow to facilitate nasal airflow, minimizing the snoring.

The ergonomic pillow is attached to a computer, which is the size of a book, rests on a bedside table, and analyses snoring noises. The computer then reduces or enlarges air compartments within the pillow to facilitate nasal airflow to minimize snoring as the user shifts during sleep, according to the professor. What’s more, the pillow can offer your sore neck muscles a good massage as well.

Digital Pillow

By Turkish Designer Erdem Selek in collaboration with Koleksiyon Mobilya, this digital pillow is connected to a webcam, which in turn transmits on your computer the images of your child.

Digital pillow is one of the best innovative inventions from the Turkish designer Erdem Selek. This project was performed in collaboration with Koleksiyon Mobilya. This digital-pillow is a boon for all those new mothers who would like to capture all the waking and the sleeping moments of their precious bundle-of-joy.

If you are wondering how, then this digital pillow is essentially a soft cushion linked to a webcam, and this webcam in turn transmits on your computer images of your sleeping angel. Great isn’t it? Mothers don’t need to fret any longer that they will miss some precious moments of their baby, for they will be able to catch their child’s first words with the help of this virtual diary.

IPod Speaker Pillow Neck

The pillows from Hammacher Schlemmer are with integrated speakers can be connected to almost any external music device. The volume and the music can be controlled through the music input device that you connect to the pillow. This is not all; the interior therapeutic foam has a hidden pocket to accommodate three AA batteries. It wears the price tag of $49.95 with the batteries excluded.

This is the pillow with integrated speakers that connect to any external music device such as an iPod or other MP3 player, or a CD player, allowing children to listen to music as they prepare for bed, settle for a nap, or on a long car ride, without the need for headphones.

The pillow has two speakers that provide clear, crisp sound quality thanks to a built-in amplifier that boosts sound output but minimizes distortion. Volume and music controls are managed through the music input device you connect to the pillow.

The interior is therapeutic foam with a hidden pocket to accommodate three AA batteries (not included), and the exterior is soft fleece that houses a standard jack for connection with an audio device. Neck (5″ H x 12″ W x 13″ D).

The product is no longer available since 2022.


How predictable, I know iPillow another accessory with in-built speakers for your iPod and other music sources, but you will see that this pillow also doubles up as a working radio. The buttons you see are real working buttons. I really like this one especially due the buttons that this pillow has. Cool!

Pillow Pod

This 15” square pillow is integrated with universal speakers. These speakers can be connected to any compatible audio device. It is available in colors like purple, blue, pink and green. It wears the price tag of $18.00.

The Pillow Pod is yet another iPod accessory that helps lull you into a deep sleep with your favorite chill out tunes playing in the background. This 15″ square pillow is integrated with universal speakers that connects to any compatible audio device, from iPods to standard MP3 players as well as stereos. It is available in purple, blue, pink, and green colors. The projected sound is pretty decent, and is loud enough to be heard outdoors. This is definitely one pillow that you will not want to risk during a pillow fight. 

Velvet Musical Stereo Pillow

Made of velvet, it is an inflatable pillow (pump and adapter is included). It integrates stereo speakers and a connecting cord that can be connected to any music playing device.

D´Light Huggable Pillow

From Diana Lin Design, this pillow not only lights up your house, but also warms you up. It is a perfect creation for winters that have already knocked on the doors. It is powered by 4 AA batteries, which last for four hours. However, you also have the option to connect it To electricity with the help of an AC adapter for long winter days.

Cozy Tunes Speaker Pillow

This pillow can be plugged into any 3.5 mm socket. It means that almost all the audio devices that have the chances to be in your home are compatible. It is made from 100% recycled polyester and also features in-built volume control. It has no need for the batteries or the adapters. It is available in four colors and wears the price tag of $29.

We all need to snuggle up to something when we want to sleep. Your boyfriend’s arms may be a good idea, but he’s not around all the time! Now you can snuggle up this comfy pillow that is not only cuddly but also belts out your fav music when you connect it to your player. Why, it’s the Cozy Tunes Speaker Pillow, this pillow is designed to be plugged in to any 3.5mm output socket, meaning CD players, laptops, most MP3 players, and other audio devices are compatible. This comfy place to rest your head is made from 100% polyester. With features including a built-in volume control, and no need for batteries or power adapters, the Cozy Tunes Speaker Pillow is a comfortable device for those who like to relax while listening to their music (maybe even helps your insomnia!).

While falling asleep to music is great for some, headphones are not the comfiest things to sleep in, and even the most understanding housemates will be driven slowly insane by the hum of distant music at 4am. Which is where the Cozy Tunes Speaker Pillow comes in.

The pillow is designed to be plugged in to any 3.5mm output socket, meaning CD players, laptops, most MP3 players, and other audio devices are compatible, leaving you free to create sleep-inducing playlists, or finally get round to losing weight. When it all gets too much, there’s an in-built volume control.

Sound Pillow

This sound pillow one is not out of the world hi-tech, but sure is cool taking in consideration that you won’t have to keep in your bedroom those ugly and bulky loud speakers, which in any case take fortune of a space. It incorporates two loudspeakers for connection to a sound source. It wears the price tag of 25 dollars.


This pillow speaker is the most comfortable way to get music therapy and pain management. There is a more uniform sound through out the pillow owing to two digital speakers at approximately at 12 inches apart.

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