bathtubs for seniors

bathtubs for seniors

Walk-in bathtubs are a fantastic option for people who want to age comfortably at home and maintain privacy and independence.

If you’re scouting around online for the best safe bathing options for your home, you’ll know by now how many types of walk-in tubs there are.

It’s enough to make your head spin!

We’re going to look at some of the factors that buyers look for when selecting a tub, and at the best-rated tubs that have the features, they look for.

What To Look For in a Walk-in Bathtub

Modern walk-in tubs are designed with many safety features that make them easier and safer to use than ever. However, it is important to check your supplier and the necessary certifications to be sure you are getting the quality you need. Always go for American-made products to be sure your maintenance costs are lower, and if you ever need replacement parts you can find them locally. Here are some other factors to keep in mind:

Safety Features

This is the main reason to have a walk-in tub installed in your home.

The combination of decreased mobility and balance with slippery bathroom tile can be dangerous for the elderly.

A specialized bathtub for elderly people should have several standard features that make bathing safer and more comfortable than ever before.

This includes modern features such as:

  • low step-in threshold
  • ADA compliant slip-resistant floor & seat
  • safety grab bars
  • temperature control features
  • quick fil and fast drain technology

Getting in and out of the tub has never been this easy, and unassisted bathing is possible for seniors and others suffering from mobility issues.

Therapeutic Features

The aging process can take a toll on joints and muscles, even for fit and healthy seniors.

senior-walk-in-tubsHydrotherapy has been shown to alleviate chronic pain from inflammation or injury and stiffness.

Other features, like aromatherapy and chromotherapy, help to promote relaxation and mental health.

Tubs with these luxury spa features can be pricey – but aren’t you worth it?



This is definitely something to consider when buying a walk-in tub. Many seniors are on a budget or have medical bills and other extra expenses to consider. An expensive installation, perhaps coupled with a bathroom remodel, can be a very daunting prospect for many.

Size and Style

The size and style of the bathtub are obviously important concerns.

Do you need a bariatric tub or a deep soaking tub for a tall person?

Are you wheelchair-bound, and therefore in need of an extra-wide door for easy entry and exit?

You should look at tub manufacturers with a wide range of size options.

The 3 Best Walk-in Bathtub Brands for Seniors

We’ve picked out a few options based on the features you should consider as per the above list. We also looked at brand trust, user experience, and specific tub reviews.


American Standard Walk-in Tubs

American-Standard-LogoAmerican Standard is a highly respected brand name in walk-in bathtub solutions. They have supplied kitchen and bathroom fixtures to the American public for over 140 years. In fact, over three-quarters of U.S. homes already have American Standard products and fixtures installed!

American Standard walk-in bathtubs come in various models. They offer deep soakers, air and water massage tubs, and dual massage system tubs with both air and water jets. They also offer luxury features like chromotherapy.  A big plus for this supplier is that they offer free installation if you buy directly from them, and not through a third-party retailer.

American Standard also offers tubs with wheelchair access. Bathers who use a wheelchair need a wide outward-swinging door, so they can move with ease from chair to tub seat. Independent bathing is made easy and safe!

Price-wise, American Standard is around the middle to high range of the market. They range from $4,750 for a soaker to over $11,000 for a combo whirlpool tub with luxury features. They don’t come cheap, so this might be off-putting for some buyers.

One of American Standard’s top sellers is the Gelcoat Premium Series 30×52-inch outward opening door tub. It features a combination air spa and whirlpool massage system. It retails at $8,430 and is the perfect blend of safety, luxury, and brand reliability.


Clarke Walk-in Tubs

Clarke logoLooking for a safe tub to suit a bariatric user, with all the luxury features you could want, and at a reasonable price? Then a Clarke walk-in tub might be the one for you!

Clarke was one of the first companies in the US to manufacture shower bases and sinks out of acrylic, as opposed to fiberglass. Acrylic is more durable and easier to keep in great condition, so you can expect to save on tub maintenance costs. This is an advantage for a bathtub for elderly folks who don’t want the hassle and expense of constant maintenance.

The Wellness range comes in various tub sizes. Buyers can choose between a compact tub for a small bathroom, bigger sizes for deeper soaking, and tubs for taller and larger body types. Buyers can also choose their preferred luxury hydrotherapy options.

The Rejuvenate model from Clarke is a super-spacious tub that’s perfect for bariatric or very tall users.  It’s a spacious 32” wide x 60” long x 33” tall, and retails from $5,520.

A great safety feature of Clarke tubs is the comfort gauge with alarm. It’s a temperature display that has an audible safety alarm that’s triggered if the water temperature moves out of pre-set parameters.  This is a big plus for elderly or disabled users who might not realize in time how hot or cold the water is.

Tub King Walk-in Tubs

Tub KingWhether you’re shopping around for your own economically-priced tub, or looking for a bathtub for elderly relatives that won’t break the bank, Tub King offers a small but versatile range that will suit you.

You can buy a tub with dual air and water massage system for as little as under $3,000. Tub King is a US-based manufacturer, so there are none of the risks associated with buying a low-priced tub from overseas e-commerce companies like Alibaba.

Tub King has won the Best of Jacksonville award from the Chamber of Commerce 4 times since they began. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received an A+ rating in July 2015.

The one drawback of a Tub King bath is that the company doesn’t offer an in-home assessment or installation service. They will undertake to recommend licensed plumbing contractors in many areas, however. 

FREE Walk-in Tub Price Query

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