backyard koi ponds ideas

backyard koi ponds ideas

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Who doesn’t love a little pond in their back garden or front yard? They are a great way of getting a little extra nature in the comfort of your own space, as well as a great way to encourage lots of varieties of plants to grow where they otherwise might not.

And that’s not even talking about the variety of fish you can have in them!

In recent years, this love of ponds, as well as the fish living in them, has also brought on the popularity of the classic koi pound across the United States.

These little zen zones have been sweeping the nation in the last few years, and it isn’t hard to see why.

If you want to try your hand at having your own little space to build and admire, then you need a couple of ideas to help springboard your imagination.

Fortunately, we have you covered, with this amazing list of some of the best koi ponds you can make out there.

From little to large, these ponds will be the centerpiece of many gardens, and maybe even yours too!

Starting off our list on a smaller scale, we have the perfect little koi pond that anyone can try their handing at digging.

Whilst koi tend to prefer a larger-sized swimming space to get the most exercise and maintain a healthy life, a smaller pond works pretty well too, so long as you only have a few of them in there!

The koi pond in this image is built to hold 2 to 3 koi fish, and it seems to be working out naively for them (Best Floating Fish Dome)!

If you are someone who likes to recycle their old backyard junk whilst you are also renovating your garden, then this is absolutely a great way to use an old bathtub that has been taking up too much room!

Using this bathtub is a great way of reusing an old item from your home, and giving it a new lease and purpose for itself.

For the most effective and best-looking koi pond, you should make sure that the space around the bath is also decorated and well-maintained.

Having a great bath pond, and nothing else inside might make it stand out and look like a freak accident that fish started living in your old rusty tub, rather than a deliberate gardening display!

What is better than a koi pond? A koi pond with a waterfall!

The guide that we have linked with this entry isn’t just a how-to-build article, but also how you can build your waterfall for pretty much any kind of pond.

This gives your garden massive potential when it comes to displays.

You can use the tools that you will learn with this waterfall feature with virtually any kind of pond size, whether they are big, small, long, or short.

We mentioned how not everyone has gardens that are quite big enough to justify the massive koi ponds that you can find online.

However, this little miniature pound might be just what a miniature little garden is looking for to spruce up the landscape!

The use of different-sized rocks encircling the koi pond is a perfect way to blend this feature with the surrounding pebbles, as you can see in the picture.

Keep in mind that, as we also mentioned previously, that koi tend to need a decent amount of room per fish to thrive.

You’ll be limited to just a few koi in this pond, maybe 1 or 2 koi at most.

Still, any koi is better than no koi, right?

Of course, if the space in your garden allows for it, don’t let your koi pond (see also ‘5 Cover Ideas For Your Backyard Pond‘) be limited to a roughly round or square shape in the corner of your backyard.

This picture shows just how amazing a little planning, time energy, and resources, can make something truly spectacular.

Such a long stream (see also ‘How To Build A Backyard Stream’) that runs across the length of your garden is exactly the kind of set-piece that not only looks great but is also the perfect pond for a good number of koi to live in.

And why stop at just a straight stream? With a little planning, your koi pond can be any shape you want, whether it is an island or curves around the back of your garden. The only limiter is your supplies and your imagination!

This might just be the platonic ideal for virtually any koi pond enthusiast!

It has pretty much anything a koi pond could need. A beautiful rocky shoreline that separates your garden from the water.

Plenty of greenery, lily pads (see also ‘ How Do You Get Rid Of Lily Pads From Your Pond Naturally? ‘), and other vegetation will help your pond become a thriving little slice of nature, and, of course, there are the koi themselves.

With a pond this size, you’ll easily be able to get a small shoal in here.

It even has a beautiful statue in it that also doubles as a fountain waterfall! What isn’t there to love!?

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is plenty of variety when it comes to planning out your koi pond, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. So what are you waiting for?

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