american standard walk in tub

american standard walk in tub

Private, unassisted bathing is important to maintain dignity and independence. Having decreased mobility shouldn’t prevent you from being able to bathe and relax in comfort and safety, and American Standard walk-in tubs’ prices make it possible to fill this void.

Walk-in bathtubs offer people of any age the option of independent bathing in the comfort of their own homes. Seniors, the disabled, and post-surgery patients can navigate easily in and out of the tub without risking a fall. Tubs with whirlpool massage function to ease muscle and joint pain.

Who is American Standard?

American Standard is one of the most respected names in walk-in bathtub solutions.

They have supplied kitchen and bathroom fixtures for over 140 years.

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. homes have American Standard products and fixtures.

Many hotels, businesses, and sports facilities use and trust this brand of walk-in tubs.

American Standard walk-in tubs are available in a wide range of models.

These range from basic but comfortable installations, to luxury models with a full range of hydrotherapy functions.

Users report a rejuvenating spa-like experience.

The American Standard walk-in tub price is competitive, and buyers can choose features that suit their budget as well as preferences.

The brand offers buyers not only safety but choice and luxury. Some tubs have a chromotherapy function.

Chromotherapy is a tested form of therapy using colored lights to aid in healing and mood enhancement.

Aromatherapy is also a feature available in some models.

All American Standard walk-in tubs are compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


American Standard Walk-in Tub Products

The range consists of over 100 different walk-in bathtub options. They come in three colors to suit a variety of bathroom décors: white, biscuit or linen.

Built-in grab handles appear in nearly all models as a safety feature. The convenient Quick Drain® system allows the walk-in tub to drain completely in two minutes. This prevents bathers from getting chilled while waiting to leave the tub.

American Standard Tub Varieties

There are 4 main varieties of American Standard tubs:

  1. Walk-in Air Baths: Tiny air bubbles can be set to massage the user, according to personal preference and comfort.
  2. Deep Soaking Tubs: For bathers who want a long, deep, relaxing soak. The seat is mildly reclined and wider than average.
  3. Walk-in Whirlpool Tubs: Adjustable jetted water streams deliver an invigorating massage.
  4. Combo Massage Tubs: These tubs feature both air bubble and water jet massage options in the same tub. They give users a luxurious and therapeutic jacuzzi experience.

Walk-in Tub Standard Features

  • Extremely low and wide door threshold for ease of entry and exit
  • Outward opening door models with wider doors for ease of wheelchair transferAmerican-Standard-768x768
  • Built-in seat
  • Durable ADA-compliant grab bars inside the tub
  • A slip-resistant textured floor surface
  • Hand-held shower wand
  • One-touch control jet system
  • Exclusive Quick Drain® water removal system
  • Easy touch control system for hydrotherapy, Quick Drain®, and more
  • A self-cleaning ozone sanitation system
  • Top-quality solid brass fixtures and faucets
  • Commended by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use

American Standard Walk-in Tub Luxury Features

These are features that buyers can choose according to their preference: 

  • RevitaJet™ whole-body hydrotherapy system with 44 air and water jets
  • Targeted leg, foot, back, and wrist massage jets
  • Built-in aromatherapy function
  • Seven-color chromotherapy function
  • Automatic water purging system to prevent water inlet blockage

Additional Features

  • Patented leak-free door system

American Standard Walk-in Tub Price

American Standard walk-in tubs are available at large home improvement retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes and Wayfair. The basic American Standard walk-in tub prices are below.

Please note that if you buy directly from American Standard, installation is included in the cost. Prices may vary if you buy from a third party, and installation is not included.

Tub Type Price Range
Walk-in Air Bath $ 5,729 – $10,416
Deep Soaking $ 4,750 – $8,383
Combo Massage $ 6,190 – $11,186
Walk-in Whirlpool $ 5,326 – $9,988

American Standard Walk-in Tub Lifetime Warranty

  1. Premium acrylic: Lifetime warranty on door seal, 15-year warranty on bathtub, 10-year warranty on tub components.
  2. High-gloss acrylic gelcoat: Lifetime warranty on door seal, 10-year warranty on bathtub, 5-year warranty on tub components.
  3. Liberation walk-in tub with RevitaJet™ system: Lifetime warranty on fixtures, parts, labor, and installation.

Pros and Cons of American Standard Walk-in Tubs

Here are some of the pros and cons as noted by consumers:


  • People with mobility issues find the walk-in tubs to be a great way to bathe with dignity and safety.
  • Walk-in tub They come with many safety features to prevent falls or the need to be lifted in and out of the bath by carers.
  • The jets and hand showers ensure that bathers can wash easily and thoroughly.
  • LED lighting and aromatherapy features can turn bathtime into a luxurious spa experience with maximum relaxation and therapy capabilities.
  • Other walk-in tub models can take up to 15 minutes to drain before the bather can leave the tub. The Quick Drain® system drains the water completely in two minutes or less, so
    there is less risk of bathers getting cold.


  • Normal bathtubs are filled first before bathers step in, while walk-in tub bathers have to sit in the tub before filling.
  • Water temperature regulation can take some practice.
  • Walk-in tubs are larger, heavier, and costlier than regular bathtubs, and require experts to install them.
  • Walk-in bathtubs are currently not covered by Medicare.

Gelcoat Value Series 30×52-inch

The most popular tub is the Gelcoat Value Series 30×52-inch, which is a deep soaking walk-in bathtub. It features an outward-opening right-side door and drains.

It can fit conveniently into standard bathrooms and smaller spaces. The tub comes in either white or linen, and features a deep tub basin with a built-in chair and safety bar, and a textured slip-resistant floor.

It also has a premium fast-fill tub faucet, handheld showering wand, and stylish polished chrome trim. For larger spaces, a tub extender kit is available to allow the tub to fill a 60-inch space.

Professional Assessment and Installation

American Standard offers a professional assessment service for people interested in walk-in bathtubs.

American-standard-tubsA safety specialist will visit your home or business and talk you through the benefits and features. They will measure your bathroom, do a safety assessment, and explain the installation procedure.

You will also be able to discuss the American Standard walk-in tub price and financing options that suit your needs, and get an estimate from the specialist.

Licensed and certified installers will remove your existing bathtub, install the new tub, test it, and explain all the features.


American Standard walk-in tub price points are ranged to suit the budget and needs of any buyer. They have a big range of options to suit your specific requirements.

The American Standard brand is trusted throughout the US, and the safety features and high-quality fixtures make them one of the top choices of walk-in bathtub.

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